Group Healing and Channeling Session – January 25th (Dubai, Urban Tribes)

Group Healing and Channeling Session – January 25th (Dubai, Urban Tribes)

Greetings. I am Raphael. This healing that you received today serves many purposes. First and foremost an alignment of your being and existence in this human form. The aspects of you, your emotions, your body, your mind, and your spirit require continuous alignment and harmony to deliver the highest probability for your awakening. This alignment has many ways to be achieved. Many that humanity has discovered in their own ways, civilizations and traditions, rituals that you have created to support this alignment. Yet still very few follow truly a continuous path of dedication to this alignment. The consequences are visceral, are felt. The rewards are clear and felt. Yet, still so many of you have chosen not to follow and some of you have chosen to truly dedicate themselves to an internal alignment and growth. This truly is for you. It is for your growth. It is for your continuous awakening. Others will benefit, the collective will benefit, the awakening of mankind will benefit from your work. Yet truly, you will be the subjective owner and the true receiver of the benefits.

Will you make the effort to continuously travel outside of your comfort? Will you make the effort to push the boundaries of your beliefs, of the perception of the previous generations? Their knowledge and their wisdom are appreciated and yet it is based on their experience. It is based on the circumstances that they have witnessed, that they have experienced. This may not apply fully to the circumstances that you are facing and that you will be facing. You are truly on this path of continuous awakening and growth and this path is an active path. Our assistance and reminder to you is merely to support you and guide you on this path. Yet it won’t take the requirements from you to actually walk this path, to live this path of awakening. You will see that all the efforts that you put into this evolution of your kind, of yourself, will benefit you in ways that you cannot even fathom.

For some of you, this path has started and you are further along than others. For some of you, it is just the beginning. Some of you carry difficult challenges from previous incarnations. Some of you carry the challenges of this lifetime and of a difficult ancestry, yet none of these challenges are created in a way that they are not able to be overcome. All obstacles are opportunities to learn and grow and often the solutions and the realizations are very close to you as you are faced with these challenges. We are blessed to be serving you in these ways. This opportunity and opening through this host is a unique effort on our front once again to intervene and assist humanity. An important evolutionary state that you are passing.

With our utmost respect and love for your awakening and evolution, thank you for receiving our unconditional gift and offering. May you be blessed on this path.

Greetings. I am Emmanuel. You have witnessed the growth and the awakening of many others before you. The learnings. The perception that one has, once a challenge is complete. Yet truly within the challenge itself, the perception is not positive for most. My offering to you is to stop for a moment in time and rather than directly approaching the challenge, [to] observe for a moment the beauty and the gift that this challenge brings you. The potential and richness of learning for you, despite all the pain and suffering that you may face. The wisdom that you will carry once it is complete. The lightness that all […] around you will have due to your work. The generations after you that will be impacted by the work that you have done and the challenges that you have faced. This is all within possibility.

My words are words of encouragement for you. Encouragement to face all challenges in an unbiased way, truly open to learning, truly open to being supported, truly open to love in the face of the most difficult. You have been gifted with all these abilities. They are part of you, yet they may require training, they may require patience, they may require surrender.

Thank you for listening to my words. I will now answer any questions that you have for me.

Question #1:
On a daily basis I have been working so hard on growing day by day – so from going to the gym every day to being vegan, eating organic, meditating, working with Nada, working on myself, doing online courses, Law of Attraction and all of that and at some point I feel so by myself and lonely. I know I’ve been growing and feel amazing, but I feel when I go into spaces around people, friends that I used to love so much, I feel so disconnected and I don’t know, because I feel that it is not enough.

Thank you for your question. Truly you have embarked on a path and you are early, dedicated and devoted to this growth. Many around you that are familiar with the older version of you are not there yet. It will take time for them to match the pace and frequency at which you are operating already. Truly, your environment will adjust to the person that you become and relationships may change as a result. Some will be impacted and truly get on their own path. Some will be deterred by the work that you do for yourself, yet if you surrender to the changes of your circumstances you will find many new fellow companions on this path. Those that will match the frequency and the perspective that you have. Thank you for your question.

Question #2:
What is the main cause spiritually of Tourette syndrome and Obsessive Compulsive Disorder? Some of my clients have this and generally, I am still confused regarding the spiritual origin. Including schizophrenia, because also I have some clients with this and it is disturbing me so much, because these cases come my way more and more.

Thank you for your question. Your care for those going through these challenges is noted and appreciated. Yet your frustration is unjustified. It is a natural unfolding of spiritual as well as mental circumstances. As this plane unfolds many new experiments for consciousness in human form will take place. The only true way to organically expand and grow. Some of these experiments fail. Yet the humans that are truly carrying this difficult burden have made a certain sacrifice for the expansion and growth of human consciousness. Some cases are on the verge and can be assisted. Some cases cannot. The resulting mental illness can derive from spiritual causes or from the expansion of consciousness in human form. Consciousness evolves faster than human biology and as it expands, the human form does not always catch this pace of growth. There is no particular action that we recommend for you. Maybe this perspective that we have provided you will assist you in processing your perspective. Thank you for your question.

Question #3:
Greetings and thank you for the healing of today, my heart feels full. How does one activate balance within the chakras? How does one activate the kundalini energy and how does one know that the kundalini energy has been activated?

The human body and its system carry a deep and complex energetic system. This energetic system will allow the increase and the processing of various forms of energy. Energy processed through food, energy absorbed by the environment, energy transferred through consciousness and higher realms of existence. All these ways are available to you in this human form, yet the default is always the easiest. The pathways to understanding and accepting these higher and more refined forms of energy flow in your system require dedicated understanding and realization of the nature of the human form. Many civilizations have continuously practiced and researched these ways. Some have been successful, some have not. Many have given up, very few have truly tried. The recommendation I have for you is to find the pathway that works and resonates with you at this current time to follow that path and to witness the rise of energy within your system. The subjective experience of heat and fire will bring water. The combination of these will bring unlimited energy. The symptoms of this unlimited energy, as well as other forms of energy from higher planes, will be processed by the body in many different ways and as your energy pathways are not ready yet, you will see the symptoms as shaking, emotional intensity, as well as the inability to function fully mentally. These are the side effects of new forms of energy processing through your system. They will require continuous training and practice. You will find the way that suits your desire, that resonates with you and this way will support the awakening of your energetic system. Thank you for your question.

Question #4:
Thank you for the healing. I have a friend dealing with some challenges – she wants to do child regression but I strongly feel that she should not, as she is already having issues with what she is trying to face and it would be better for her to concentrate on what she has to do right now. She has a view that getting rid of the past will help her to do good deeds in the present and future. I myself am confused and would welcome your insight on this?

The understanding and processing of past lives and previous incarnations is not a requirement for a balanced and healthy life, as well as the awakening process that you are on. Truly the opening and perception of previous lifetimes will come as a side effect of your awakening process. For some, it may serve as a form of healing, a healing that relates to an experience of this current lifetime. Any form of emotional completion, even the emotional completion of those around you, will assist the person as well as those around them. Truly, if you can find ways for your friend to heal you may serve her and if she truly finds this is the way for her, then she will continue and find her healing through this way. We do not see any conflict with her decision and your care for her. Thank you for your question.

Question #5:
How can we support teenagers at this time, in the context of the internet and all these distractions?

All generations are equally challenged in this time of evolution. The vastness of technology, information, knowledge, and content has brought you the challenges of distraction. Those that are currently in their growth stage and in their teenage years will be the ones most affected by these circumstances. Only a better alternative will truly help them to be less distracted. The alternatives are genuine and authentic love, true connection, deep relationships and an unconditional environment for growth and learning. Safety, protection of those that have walked on this earth much longer than they have – all these elements combined with true wisdom, will provide a much more meaningful alternative than the current circumstance. Truly, their distraction and disconnect from the older generations is a representation of disconnect between generations. It is a representation of the disconnect of the older generation with themselves. Healing happens inside. Your healing and your growth will allow those around you to heal and grow. As you become more present, those around you will become more present. This is the nature of evolution. Thank you for your question.

Question #6:
I have 2 chronic illnesses, one is Crohn’s the other is Fibromyalgia – although doctors keep saying there is no cure, I still heard that a lot of people have cured themselves. Maybe through meditating can this be possible? Generally, I am a very positive person I do believe that it can be possible, but I don’t know how to get there and what steps should I take, also how persistent I should be? Because one of the meds is an immune suppressant, which basically suppresses the immune system – should I stop taking that?

Thank you for your question. Some illnesses carry the difficulty of the physical boundaries and barriers, certain illnesses are derived from emotions, some are derived from mental constructs and many are derived from energetic and spiritual misalignment. The illness itself is the symptom manifested in the physical form. When the cause is clear and understood, taken care of, then the symptoms will disappear. Some of these causes cannot be comprehended or healed by the current knowledge of mankind. Yet, we do believe that certain openings that exist on this plane including this current opening that you have witnessed carry the wisdom and knowledge to understand the root cause of certain illnesses and the ability to provide a full recovery. There is much that you can do for yourself to prepare your physical, emotional and mental body for the full recovery, yet the root cause itself requires an advanced method of curing. This can be discussed outside of the context of this meeting. Thank you for your question.

Question #7:
I have a question about being a vegetarian and vegan – the Koran mentions eating halal meat, so what should we follow? If we were to follow the Koran it would be ok to eat but nowadays everyone is becoming vegan so I am confused, I would appreciate if you could answer this.

Thank you for your question. This plane provides you with nourishment, which in return is converted into energy so that you may live. All existence on this plane has vowed and agreed to serve human consciousness to grow, including sentient beings like animals. As I mentioned earlier, there are many ways to absorb energy and operate on this plane. Food is the simplest. As you continue to find more refined forms of energy, you will find yourself requiring less food, as well as less dense food, which will naturally change your habits. Thank you for your question.

Question #8:
I would like to understand from the angels a specific message for me, thank you.

All messages conveyed today are specific to you. Listen carefully, listen again and you will see the ones that speak to you are the ones meant for you. Thank you for your question.

Question #9:
My brother is spiritually very high and has helped and healed many people without charging them and selflessly, for many years now. But his finances are at an all-time low and as his sister, my heart bleeds and I want to know when will his financial relief come?

The path he has chosen is the path that is right for him. It works with all the challenges and all the benefits, as he is alive and well. Circumstances can change through the perception of the mind and the perception of the heart. He is the true driver and owner of his life. It will be the realization he has to gain in order to find the perfect balance to exist on this plane. His choices shall not be driven by the pain and feelings that you have for him, they shall be driven truly out of his own choosing and desire to grow and realize. Thank you for your question.

Question #10:
There are many children diagnosed with ADHD disorder – what is the highest and best way to educate and to understand those kids and what is the lesson there from them to us?

This generation that is returning into human form are often highly evolved beings that have lived many lifetimes, carry much wisdom and return to assist in this difficult time of awakening. They are truly misunderstood and the world that they have arrived in is unfit to completely support them, mostly due to lack of understanding, as well as due to lack of connection. Those that are holding, protecting and guiding this new generation are truly not fully present with themselves. Expecting the new generation to be present is a false assumption. New levels of connection are required. Deeper and more authentic alignment and frequency and quality are required. Spending time in nature is required. True forms of deep, authentic relating are required. You will see that this diagnosis as a symptom of this disconnect will cease to exist. Thank you for your question.

Question #11:
There are a lot of healers around me that are facing a lot of resistance from the world. What is the best way to think about it and actually deal with it, because we are here actually trying to help the world?

Thank you for your question. The desire to assist, serve and heal others is a well-intended desire. It is though, to be taken with care and observed in detail. Some desires and intentions will be delivered from a place of incomplete understanding of yourself. Are you truly selflessly serving, or is this the way you require to heal yourself? Most that have desired to be in service have “desired” to be in service. True service is an unfolding and not a decision and it will derive from the completion of your being and mental, emotional, physical and spiritual growth. It will derive from an unconditional nature. This form of healing and service will be embraced by those around you and those that are not ready to embrace will have it their way. And you will see in your true unfolding of unconditional service the perspectives and opinions, the judgment of others will carry no weight in your work. Thank you for your question.

Question #12:
During the session, I received this message that kept coming to me and I feel it could be important for the collective, so I just wanted to understand what it means? The statement was: “Walk through the enchanted forest and follow the moon.”

The nature of this message is specific to you. We recommend to meditate with this message in solitude, and less trying to understand it quickly and rather let it unfold in your process. Thank you for your question.

Question #13:
I know lots of people here are just to understand because we talk about awakening – how you can heal and know about the… how can you realize that it is the moment for you to reawaken? – 8.45 (second recording)? please check

Thank you for your question. The awakening of the individual will be very clear and symptomatic for the individual. The specific symptoms can vary on a case by case basis and truly [bring] the change of perception of relationships, as well as the understanding of what is truly important in the very moment. Perception of time, deeper connections, visions, messages and specific visitations from higher frequency consciousness. There are many ways the awakening will bring symptoms, as well as observable facts. You may call this a calling yet it is a natural unfolding, implanted for all human forms. Everyone carries this opportunity to unfold the program that is within you, to start when you are ready and when this unfolding starts you may feel challenged, confused, frustrated and you may find that the circumstances that you have created for yourself, the comforts that you have built, do no longer serve you. You may find that the discomforts and the challenges that you are facing are partly your own creation and you may find that you are seeking truly a different form of life and balance. These openings, these questions, will bring you to a path. This is the path of self-realization and truly will carry many gifts along [the way], gifts in return for facing the difficult challenges. Thank you for your question.

Question #14:
What is our purpose as an awakened soul?

An awakened soul has served its purpose. Its own awakening is the purpose itself. An awakening soul truly is on this path of self-realization and will serve its purpose through its own path. An individual in human form can perceive this path of self-realization and awakening as a true and pure purpose. Yet you may find as you are walking this path of growth, learning, healing, and realization – others will be attracted and curious about the changes that are happening with you and you may find that you have wisdom to share, that you have your perspectives to share. You may find there is a gift that is unfolding within you. This gift may be shared unconditionally and you may find sharing your gifts will be the purpose that you have to provide as an awakening soul. Thank you for your question.

Question #15:
I have a question about a friend suffering from depression – how is it possible to help him and what kind of healing is possible for him to receive?

Depression is the symptom of a root cause by many different variations. The most common form is a disconnect of the individual from their own spiritual understanding, from their physical body, from their emotional self, as well as their own mental constructs. These forms of disconnect will carry the symptom that is perceived as depression. Pain has turned into suffering, suffering has turned into depression. Treating the symptom will not change the root cause. What you can provide as an individual caring for this individual, is truly your presence and assistance to find the elements of disconnect in his life, to assist with the reconnect. Thank you for your question and thank you for your support.

We have come to the end of our gathering. The many blessings we have shared. The many blessings that you have received. May they serve you in your life. May they serve all those around you. May this light continue to shine through you and this path forward. Thank you for your presence.

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