Healing and Channelling, Small Group – October 14th (Dubai, UAE)

Healing and Channelling, Small Group – October 14th (Dubai, UAE)

Greetings. I am Raphael and today’s work will be done by me. You may not fully understand the extent of the work that you will receive today, yet you will feel and see the impact, once the work is fully settled. This Divine intervention that you will receive today is an agreement that we are completing, agreement to support humanity in its evolutionary process. The support will come in different ways, one of which is through healing and individual growth. You are the first ones to receive this work. You are the first ones to listen to the calling and maybe a part of you is ready; ready to understand that the human experience has so much more depth than you can comprehend. Maybe some of you are ready to be in service; in service to yourself for your own growth and in service to others as they grow and face challenges.

Thank you for the courage and thank you for your trust.


Greetings. My name is Emmanuel. It is a pleasure to welcome you back after this intervention. This unconditional offering from us. A gift to accelerate your growth, your evolution. By accelerating your individual growth we are accelerating the growth of the collective. Only through the growth of the individual, humanity can evolve. Some of you will carry this responsibility with honor and grace and some of you will make it a center point of your life to be in service and service to the Divine, an instrument of the Divine. A carrier of light, a carrier of love, in a way to be the eternal mirror for those in front of you. The mirror that will allow [others] to see themselves in a complete way, in a way that they’ve never seen themselves before. You as the mirror, do not require to have that understanding in order to be the mirror – merely devotion and purity will make you the mirror.

In this work that you have been selected to do, that you have chosen to do, you will face many challenges and naturally, you will face equal support for those challenges. Never do those challenges exist without the balancing force to overcome them. At arms reach, sometimes the exact opposing forces always ready to find eternal balance, never fully achieving it and continuing to grow in this human experience.

Thank you for the trust and for the time you have taken for yourself and for this communion with other beings of non-material kind. It is a pleasure and an honor for us to be a part of your growth.

I will now answer some of your questions.

Question #1:
How not to absorb somebody else’s sickness?

You are part of the ecosystem, therefore you are always open to the elements, all aspects of life, including those ones that will make you sick. Naturally when you are weak and stressed you are much more open to receiving those sicknesses of others. Yet when you are pure, clear and focused, you will find that your connection to the universe will protect you from all those around you. Thank you for your question.

Question #2:
How does the inner child heal and if you don’t have recollection of what happened to the inner child, how does the healing come about?

Healing happens in many different levels, some of which is not conscious to you. If you seek to do healing on a conscious level, you’re first required to bring all aspects of your subconscious to the forefront of your awareness. Humanity has developed many methods to reach aspects of the subconscious, to retrieve those aspects that are in the dark. Once you have awareness, you can address these elements one by one and you may see that some memories or thoughts will carry strong emotion. And strong emotion[s] of the past will establish a certain belief and perspective of your environment. This perspective will frame your world and reality. In our work, we want you to be free of any of those frames. We want you to see the universe in a much wider perspective, beyond the individual identity you carry, beyond your personal experience and wounds. Beyond the learnings, you have made as the human that you are in this very individual form. This is true realization. This is the path to self-realization. Healing your inner child is one step in that direction. Thank you for your question.

Question #3:
How do I connect with my spirit guides, if I have any answers that I want to know and how will I differentiate that it’s not my own unconscious mind, fear or ego answering me, how do I know that it is coming from my spirit guides?

In various levels of consciousness evolution of the individual, you will have access and you will have attention from non-material consciousness like ourselves. It requires your own work first before you receive the attention. By agreement, we are meant to [let] you [have] all to the experience you are having until you reach levels of understanding beyond the experience itself and you start reaching further and further. That is the moment when other forms of consciousness will start to connect with you on a regular basis, especially for those that are in service to others. You will understand the voice in your mind when it speaks to you. It will carry a different weight, it will carry a different resonance and a different wisdom. It is recommended to learn methods of quieting and managing your own thoughts and emotions. Understanding yourself is a key aspect, before communicating with other forms of consciousness. Thank you.

Question #4:
Will individuals be guided and volunteer to interact in a very physical way with the earth going from 3D to 5D?

Yes. Individuals that have been selected, that have chosen to return to be in service, will be guided, supported and continuously supervised in their interaction for the awakening of the collective. Some of this work will require the individual touch. Some of this work will require the work at different places and some work will require working on the ethereal realms. Many aspects are required for the ascension to complete, yet the individuals awakening in their empowerment is a key aspect and foundation for this work. Thank you for your question.

Question #5:
Hi Emmanuel. Do our attachments to material things and our strong desires slow us down on our path, to purifying and becoming the best, purest version of ourselves?

Thank you for your question. The understanding of desires and wants in the human form is a major aspect of learning. Truly understanding that you can never possess anything. Truly understanding that all material is temporary. And truly understanding what is beyond the material, what is beyond the temporary, what is the eternal. Your individual evolution will require to look beyond the material. Your attachments to the material will serve as a learning opportunity for you, to understand yourself and your environment better. Your detachment will bring freedom for you, freedom of thought and space and heart. So that you may have the experience of spirit, the space to connect with the Divine. Thank you for your question.

Question #6:
Greetings Emmanuel. What is grief?

Thank you for your question. Grief is an aspect of the human emotional system to allow you to deal with major upset, sadness, anger, loss. Grief is a timeframe in which the mind and the heart and the body can process this upset. It is a natural construct for you to be able to move on. Grief is important for cultures to move through major upset and trauma. If this timeframe is suppressed or foregone, it will ultimately carry the scars in the future. Incomplete healing will always show itself in different ways, especially in future generations. Incomplete healing may turn into suffering and a continued pain that never ends. Grief is welcome and should be perceived as a positive force. Thank you for your question.

Question #7:
What happens after we die?

Thank you for your question. Death is just another transition for you. Transition into a form in which comprehension is not necessary. A form that is difficult to put into words for the understanding in human form.  Non-material existences that will in different phases decide if you shall return into the human form. Some of these phases are reserved for clearing and purification. Some of these phases are reserved for integration of learning. And the return shall be chosen wisely, with an agreement to deepen the learning or complete a karmic cycle. Some will not require the return into human form. Death is merely a transition. The end of a gift that has been given to you to experience the human form. A temporary, yet so precious experience, every moment including the moment of death, a gift in itself. Time has been given to you in order to limit this experience, in order to make all aspects possible in the first place – space and time are connected. For you to have a physical and material experience, it required it to be limited. Death is part of your closure. This time, to end the chapter and to start a new one, or continue on the previous chapter with a fresh reset. Thank you for your question.

Question #8:
Can you please explain to us karmic cycles more in depth?

Karmic cycles are a construct for framing, learning, and experience. A cycle that starts with an initial desire to experience a certain aspect of human behavior and existence. The continuation of this momentary experience connected to its learning, connected to its consequences for oneself, for others and the collective. The ripple effects and the aspects of truly embracing the experience itself. Resistance, anger sadness, surprise, disappointment, all moments part of your karmic cycle. A cycle that will continue to repeat until the learning is complete, until the desire for experience has been fulfilled until you have served with your learning the collective of humanity. Some karmic cycles will be required to be repeated over lifetimes. Some individuals may carry a very complex and challenging karmic cycle for the benefit of many. Some collectives may carry a karmic cycle for their own learning or the learning of humanity. A karmic cycle is the fabric upon which all collective learning is woven. In certain and special circumstances karmic cycles can be closed prematurely. Some karmic cycles have been closed today, here, as we have a mission, an authorization to change some aspects of human experience in this current time. The importance of your evolution carries even more weight than a completion of a karmic cycle for learning. Yet only for those that are truly ready, closing the karmic cycle will make sense. Thank you for your question.

Question #9:
Emmanuel, how can you see beyond the experience and beyond the stories and not be consumed by them? Thank you.

Thank you for your question. You have already understood that the stories can be consuming. An experience will carry a learning. Often, experience will carry emotion so that the learning can be digested, not just by the mind but also by the heart. The requirement for you is to digest quickly so that you can move to the next and other experiences beyond that particular instance. If the mind forms a belief and perspective around an experience, then you speak of story and the story is the one that you write. The world becomes your story. Your reality infused by your own beliefs. But if you know to digest well and quickly the experiences that are given to you, you may experience reality and your environment in a very different way. Expansive and a full spectrum of understanding, details beyond measure and realizations beyond comprehension. Thank you for your question.

Question #10:
As humans, we are required to make decisions every day and we are guided to listen to our heart. How do we hear the heart more clearly?

All aspects of your being can be influencing factors for your decisions; the body, the mind, the heart, and the spirit. All aspects of your being have equal say. The current understanding of your society is that the mind shall carry the most weight and decisions and it shall make decisions in a way to protect you, protect those around you and to optimize your life in a certain way that is acceptable to the rest.

The heart and the body have been suppressed, the spirit has not been listened to.

When you open yourself up to other forms of influence for your decision you may hear the heart, or you may hear your body. Maybe you may hear your spirit guiding you, beyond your mind.

You will require to practice and understand how the mind operates and how it will settle. Your mind is different from the mind of others; it has been conditioned in different ways, by different experience. It has been given much power, yet it operates from wounds of the past. A whole understanding and appreciation of your mind will allow you to hear more what your heart has to say and beyond that you may even settle the aspects of your heart.

Since the heart can also make decisions based on wounds of the past – spirit, your higher self, will guide you in a way that is beyond the mind and the heart and it may allow you to see milestones that are far more important to you, than the ones that you can see or feel. Thank you for your question.

This is the completion of our session. May you carry this intervention with grace. May you allow the time for it to settle and complete and may this intervention allow you to carry a light beyond yourself, for all those around you and your loved ones and the ones that you don’t know that require a loving hand or a smile. Thank you for your time today, your openness and trust.

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