Private Group Channeling Session – Sep 6th (Bay Area)

Private Group Channeling Session – Sep 6th (Bay Area)

Greetings. My name is Emmanuel. 

You have come with an open heart and mind. This combination of souls will never happen again. You are all on your unique paths to do the work that you have come here to do. You are aware of it already, yet not all of you have started to act accordingly. It takes courage to dismantle the structures of identity that have brought you here in the first place, that have saved you from so many situations and that have provided for you as you walk this path of this current human form. Yet, it is a requirement [in order] to be in service [for] the Divine to work through you. 

This particular time in human history and human existence is the time you have chosen to be part of, not as a bystander or observer, but to be an active member of the unfolding. 

My words seem familiar to you, you have heard them before and you have known for much longer. Many sources of consciousness are particularly active in this time of the evolution of mankind, your source of power will start to get stronger as well. To hold that power with the right mind and heart is the directive that is the hardest in human form to execute. Time has become a short resource. Your individual processes have been accelerated. The circumstances will allow for deeper connections for the collective and also for you individually, the interest of influencing forces will get stronger in you.

Your discernment, your devotion, and your source of origin will be your guiding light. You will one way or another be a vessel of light, a vessel of this very energy that flows through all creation. This process is not an easy process to experience in the human form. Carrying this light and the energy will require individual discipline, dedication and a space that you need to create for it, despite all the functional aspects of human experience. We will leave that part up to you.

You do remember that you have chosen to be here at this very time and you have returned into the very places that deem to be the environment to accelerate your development.

I have called in energies that are particularly connected to your source of origin so they can be present in this very moment and connect with you directly. Settle your mind and open your spirit. Allow your origin to connect with you, allow yourself to embody this very energy that is your birthright. 

Our work on this plane is just beginning. Your participation will be required. We will provide the support that you need. Our directive is simple: your empowerment, your awakening is the key, so you can be a vessel of light in the forms that you choose, in the forms that you are guided to deliver. 

The rules of engagement are about to change. Cosmological changes will allow forces to be more directly in interaction with all of you, with those that are listening. The work we can do for you is of structural nature, to assist you in your energetic readiness. We shall proceed with that work on Sunday if you choose. This work is voluntary and it is an offering from us, with no conditions.

Many of the old teachings will not be valid for the coming times, it will require for you to approach this opening with an open and empty heart. You will change in ways that you have not deemed to perceive were possible. You will carry power that is beyond the powers you have seen in any individual. You will carry responsibility toward the evolution of mankind.

The reason we are having this very conversation is because you are ready. Doubt does not negate your readiness. The change of your environment and relations is a natural adaptation; the quickening of your development is a natural consequence. You are the children of this light and you shall be the very vessels to carry it forward.

I will answer now questions that you may have for me.

Question #1:
What can you tell us about Alchemy?

The human form has been delivered and designed with infrastructure that allows for a connection to the divine – to connect with energies and sources beyond your imagination. You are the perfect vessel for consciousness. The access to this power and opening has yet been concealed and made only available to those that truly walk a path of purity and dedication. Alchemy is one aspect of this path. The sourcing of the energies within and of your circle, of your environment to combine to a power that will open you up and activate you in ways that you can start to get access to higher realms of consciousness, from which the rest will unfold. Alchemy is the very process of converting energy through consciousness to an evolutionary step – does this resonate with you?

Questioner: Yes. It’s a very high-level perspective. On a more practical level, I’m curious what the spiritual transformation of the body is that you’re going through – could you say a little more about that too, please?

Yes. The energies that are available to you, with the current infrastructure that you have been provided with, are required in order to activate the very essence of your physical body. Its full potential, most of which is concealed, most of which is not accessible, unless a tremendous accumulation of energy is provided to you by an outside force or through the personal work on a practical level. Humanity has developed many ways to initiate this process. Some have not led to success, some have led to abuse, and some have led to consciousness evolution.

The alchemical processes in your system are naturally designed to be activated in the right moment. Knowledge is not required. The times that you are currently in will allow you to accelerate this very alchemical process and we, with the assistance of other forces, will be there to assist you in this very activation.

Accumulating knowledge may potentially get you off the very track. Attempting this process merely from the mind may not result in success. Would you like to have more details?

Is there other questions?

Questioner: If there are other questions maybe ..? But if not, I would be glad to have more details.

A collective of intelligent forces have designed this very experience you are having, in the very format you are having it in. The vehicle that you have is exactly the way it was meant to be, with all its boundaries, limitations and potential. Humanity has spent a significant amount of time and attention to understand, yet very few truly have. We have come to an agreement that our assistance, for those that will serve, is required. So we shall support you in this very alchemical process and this path of activation. Your empowerment is a requirement for this network of individuals that will carry this very light, the capacity to hold and distribute this energy, to allow the collective form of human consciousness to arise. It will be partially your bodies that will be the vessels, as well as infrastructures created on earth, or those that have already existed. A combination of all of those will allow human consciousness to evolve. To rise in frequency, and eventually, to rise in the plane. Does this make sense to you? 

Questioner: Yes.

It is a small glimpse of the process that carries much more complex processes within. Understanding all steps is not required. Surrendering to each step will, though, be an important aspect to make this easier for you and for us. Thank you for your question.

Question #2:

Questioner: Can you speak more about this current iteration of indigenous wisdom and how it is partnering with the celestial support?

Indigenous populations have always carried a deep connection to consciousness beyond the human collective – they have ventured into consciousness of this very plane and to many other planes beyond. They have gathered experience and knowledge, which in return fueled their development and your development as a species. Over time, this knowledge has become antiquated, the technologies will serve a purpose, yet will not carry the level of depth and intensity that is about to unfold on your plane, as this level of energy has never been seen in human existence. Does this make sense to you? Thank you for your question. 

Question #3:
My experience and time in this body has come with very acute pain and physical suffering. I would like to know, what is the purpose and origin of this pain and what can be done to live in the body and the world with a more harmonious experience? So I can do the work I came here to do, without the constant awareness of pain.

Pain as a teacher, like all other senses. In your case, it is your teacher and your training ground for your particular awakening. It will serve you in ways that you cannot comprehend at this very moment and the cycle of this awakening call will soon be complete. As you are listening and walking forward, continue to trust that your health and the cycle that you are completing carries divine purpose. The energy that you will be able to carry is partially prepared by this very experience you are having. Your capacity has increased through the experience that you are having. Your compassion and your understanding of the human form has widened in ways most have not experienced. You shall soon understand better. Thank you.

[Directed at one other participant] Would you like to know more about yourself?

Participant: Do you have anything to tell? Then yes.

Your power within is at the brink of unfolding. The only aspect that is in the way is you. Yet you know already, you have not fully trusted yet this divine process and this divine existence of yours. This reality is beyond the comprehension of the human form. Understanding it will never be complete. If you find the way to surrender your desire to understand, before you walk forward, you will find new freedom in your development and you will find a form of acceleration – the very purpose that you have come to serve. My words are not new to you, deep devotion is the part that you have to play before your source of power can fully submit to you. My recommendation is you continue to surround yourself with those that have found that level of surrender already. You shall find inspiration and a level of trust to go deeper in your practice. You sense a level of support that you have from the divine, yet truly it is a fraction of what is available to you – all of those forces waiting for you. Find a way to participate this coming Sunday, and we shall work on you, on your mental and emotional constructs, to allow you the depth that you have not witnessed before. Thank you for your openness.

Do you have more questions for me? 

Question #4: I feel like I haven’t known how to deepen my practice in connection to the divine. Since I was a much younger man I feel a little bit lost and blocked in my access to depths of consciousness that I have known. I don’t know what is required of me to open my heart and recognize yet again the divinity of my soul and experience of the unity of myself and all as love

You are exactly where you need to be at this very moment. The stage that you are in your development currently supports what you need to do in order to carry the foundation for the coming work. Any quickening at this very moment would disrupt that current flow. It is not a deficiency, it is a current stage and your cycle also will soon be complete and the opening that you are seeking and are aware of will also soon find your way. You have not been forgotten and you have not forgotten yourself. This is the very process that you are in. Carry out the work that you need to do at this very stage, the next steps will then unfold organically. 

For all of you, it is relevant to create the space for the connection with the divine. Do not forgo this step – we can only work with you if you allow us. We can only be in connection with you if there is space in your system. Thank you. 

Thank you for the work you do and thank you for your openness to listening to the very words of our collective.

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