Group Healing & Channeling Session – June 24th 2018 (Bay Area)

Group Healing & Channeling Session – June 24th 2018 (Bay Area)

Photo by Stefanie Atkinson Schwartz -


Greetings, my name is Emmanuel. Thank you for receiving our gift to humanity in the form of healing, alignment and the shared wisdom, that we bring. Our work is unconditional, just for you to receive at this very moment, so that it may have an impact on your life and those around you. So that that it may build a relationship of trust, as we have returned to this plane. Our intentions are pure. We come to assist in your evolutionary sate, in your transition, that you are going through as human consciousness, expressed as individuals. This is the first in a long time that humanity in this very form has come to a place of ripening, maturity. Despite the polarity, despite the rollercoasters, all difficulties that you have faced, one way or another mastered, moved on, completed, all ways of existence, to some degree trial and error – the way nature learns. Here you are, ready as consciousness to evolve. It may not always appear to you that way as a collective. The perspective is very different. This transition is a collective transition. It will include all of you and it will require all of you. It is an evolutionary step, that we have no control over. Yet we are here to assist to make your participation and experience easier. Even though the collective consciousness is going through the evolution, its expression is individual and this is where build our relationship. You as the expression of human consciousness in its perfect form, experiencing this plane, space and time, emotions, pain and suffering, growth and love – all aspects of the human form. Physical, mental and spiritual. 

Human consciousness exists through you. Through you its grows, evolves. You are the collective and you have never been separated in the first place. Temporarily you are having the experience as an individual identity and organism with full autonomy, yet you are always connected to collective. And all your actions and reactions feed the collective. 

In this evolution, your participation is key. Your individual evolution is important as it will support and lift the energy of the collective. You have free will and choice to live your life exactly the way you want to and you need to in order to fulfill an important cycle for your soul. And the circumstances, currently, are an additional point of consideration. You may choose to act and operate differently in this very life, that you are gifted to live. Can you truly dedicate your life to the completion of your healing, the healing of your relations and the healing of your ancestry. Can you continue to walk in that direction, despite the pain and the suffering and the incomplete wounds of the past. Can you be the one bearing it, on behalf of yourself and the ones around you. Can you truly surrender to that grand mystery, that you have been handed. The completion of these cycles of healing will bring deep learning and growth for you individually, for all your relations, alive and past and collective. The importance of your healing is much grander than you can comprehend or perceive. Yet, full control is in your hands. This is a moment of encouragement and empowerment, that you are the one driving your healing. And that we are in support of your work on yourself and the way it extends to those around you. Your life is precious. It has been gifted to you for this very experience, that you are having, without condition. Therefore, our work does not carry conditions. We merely offer perspective and assistance. Assistance, so that you can be on the way of your own self-realization. Particularly in this time of change, we have agreed to return and assist humanity through some of the obstacles, that they are facing individually. We have not come to deliver you a way of life or rules, laws, prescription or belief system. Our work does not carry a hidden agenda. 

My invitation to you: Will you persistently go, continue this path of healing and self-inquiry along the way, completion and becoming more whole, as you continue completing your cycles. 

My invitation to you: Will you let go of identities, that do not serve you, that do not serve the collective. Will you become an open-hearted and minded spiritual expression of human consciousness, observing rather than actively participating? Will you continue your journey, your self-inquiry on this path to self-realization? Will you continue to hold that light for yourself primarily and those around you? 

I will now open to answer some of your questions.

Question #1:
How do we know if what we are doing is right?

Thank you for your question. It is a deep philosophical question of mankind. One side wants to understand what is right and what is wrong, the other side wants to understand progress on an individual or collective level. We do not partake in weighing right and wrong for you. You have been gifted the tools to do that individually, or as a collective. Even if it may look questionable from outside, it is your expression as consciousness or individual. When it comes to your progress as an individual, a path that continuously feeds completion and delivers an opening for the next step, is a path that we would recommend following. It is by design. The design of your mind and your heart and your soul. It is a natural evolution inside of you, a plan that you can follow. It will require quieting the mind and taking time of silence to listen for the signs. Thank you for your question.

Question #2:
You mentioned observation rather than action. Can you talk a little about the action part and how that relates to each other?

Thank you for your question. You are observing in this very moment. The aspect that we are trying to communicate is the participation versus observation. Participation in its form is an important aspect of growth and learning for the human plane, the individual and the collective. Yet, it is a tool made for long-term experiencing and long-term experimenting. If we are in this evolutionary step, observation, a quiet being of quiet mind and quiet heart, rather than impulsive action will result in the best outcome for this self-realization path on an individual level and collectively for all human consciousness. It may seem a distant concept for some of you as humanity continues to play its act of learning and growth. This is a different perspective. It is fruit for thought. Thank you for your question.

Question #3:
What is my path and how do I find alignment?

We do not prescribe paths for individuals, neither do we reveal the individual’s path. It is an important aspect of human growth, experience. Each step is an understanding and an opportunity. This learning is yours to have and there will be trial and error. Some with pain, some with love. It will be all yours. And it will contribute to the person that you are and the soul that you are, experiencing this very form. Alignment you will find in the very moments of quiet. In the moments where you listen deeply to your body, your heart, your mind and your soul. Finding a way for all of them to agree. Finding a way for them to coexist. It is indeed the eternal task of the human form. Finding alignment and balance inside and out. You are at least aware of it. And we commend you for your awareness and encourage you to continue that path. Thank you for your question. 

Question #4:
How do we balance self-care and self-actualization with responsibility for others?

Thank you for your question. Self-care is a very important aspect of human experience. If you cannot set the boundaries for the needs that you have, intrinsically understanding your needs, then you will continuously experience falling out of alignment. Internal self-care, a focus, at times needed to be a hundred percent. At times though, in a way that it is balanced between your needs and the needs of your environment. You make that call, depending on how and what your belief serves you in the very moment. This will require listening deeply and understanding how do you operate. Precaution for all of you from behaviors that have been trained and optimized through previous generations and education. You have all the tools to be present and aware and there is no necessity for automatically acting. It will serve you in way, that you cannot comprehend now. To look at the moment from different perspective, it will be part of your self-realization journey. Thank you for your question.

We thank you for your intention of receiving this gift, for your participation and for your openness. Some of you are aware of the change coming. Some of you already aware in their own participation or their own journey. Yet all of you are here, listening to a call that is beyond the mind. A call of the divine, speaking to you. May you receive this healing fully, unconditionally. And may it impact your lives and benefit all those around you. Blessings on your journey.


Photo © Stefanie Atkinson Schwartz –

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