Channeling Session – March 5th 2018 (Budapest)

Channeling Session – March 5th 2018 (Budapest)


Greetings, my name is Emmanuel. It is good to see you after this procedure. You will see the full effects of this healing in some days. This is an unconditional gift from us to you. That is the way we show our appreciation and love for mankind. We understand that healing is necessary. Necessary before you can fully open up to the evolution that you are going through as a race. This evolution is a difficult test for mankind. It will challenge you individually and your communities, families and nations. It will challenge all those existing paradigms upon which your society and your mental constructs are built on. It is a major shift for all of you. We have come to assist. We will not be the ones fixing your problems. It is humanity that needs to come up with solutions for their problems. That is part of this test, the challenge to see the evolution through. On an individual level, you are challenged as well in many ways. Your work on yourself, individually, is going to be critical for the growth and survival of the human race. Your work as an individual to strengthen your core, the part of you that has been much longer than this current lifetime, that you are in – To get to that […] core, healing is required. Healing on many levels. That is a path that we cannot take away from you. The path of healing, the journey of understanding. Only after your healing you can truly inquire for the greater meaning of existence. This inquiry will bring many rewards when the time is right. We call this process self-realization. All humans are capable of self-realization. We are here to assist you on your path to self-realization, yet we cannot take it away from you. Accept our humble gift of assistance for your path. Thank you. 

You are in the frontlines of your society and of your race. You are the ones walking this path first of true healing and growth, of self-inquiry and self-realization. This path is sacred and it is necessary. I applaud you for being on this path already. Your work for yourself will set an example for others. And in moments of their need, others will look to you for strength. Thank you for being that light. 

We will open the space now for any questions you may have to me and to us as a race.

Question #01
How can we communicate safely with you and entities like you in our lives, in everyday life?

Our work for humanity has brought hope and presence and light, yet it is you that needs to live and walk in your form on your planet. We receive your prayers and your thoughts. We are present where we can. There are limitations to our intervention and assistance in your own process. Even though we may not be the ones solving your situation, we will be present for you. We will watch you through this evolution. 

Question #02
How can I know that I am on my path and that I can do my best on that path?

Your path is unique for you, specifically designed. With all its hurdles and challenges, so that you can learn and grow as you walk in this path. There is no particular right or wrong way of living your life. Yet, we advise that you direct your attention to this path of self-realization. The path of healing and growth, your individual path of growth and healing will impact all those around you, not just yourself. 

There is a part inside of you that will tell you when you are on the right path. It is beyond your mind and your heart. It’s your own connection to the grand consciousness. Everyone possesses that connection. Yet, very few utilize this connection. In the traditional sense of human experience, you did not need to. Times have changed. We advise you to make use of your connection to grand consciousness. This will require work on your end. Your ability to go through healing and growth will make space for this connection to be stronger. 

Thank you for your question.

Question #03
I am in connection with some beings, but I don’t know yet what kind of beings those are and what the purpose of this connection is.

Since the existence of mankind, there have been forces assisting, influencing and some, manipulating. We believe, that [even with] all of these forces, you as an individual soul and race, need to make your decisions and own your evolution. If you find the assistance of other beings and forces helpful on your path to evolution and self-realization – it is your decision to accept. If you find their intervention not helpful for your growth and self-realization, we advise to be skeptical. You are autonomous beings. By design, no other forces are allowed to interfere with your existence. Unless you give direct permission to do so. Thank you for your question.

Question #04
Regarding all the pain and suffering we have been through, there is some kind of fear what appears in our mind and how can we transfer this fear into something else which will help us to go forward on our paths?

Fear is your friend. It shows you in many ways the parts of you that you have been rejecting. All emotions have a purpose. The human form is complete and therefore perfect by design. When you have understood the lesson that fear is trying to teach you, it will let go. Channeling the fear into another activity or emotion may give you immediate comfort, yet will not solve the ultimate challenge. The deep learning is understanding the origin of the fear. And facing it with gratitude for the lesson that it brings into your life. Only then, the cycle will be complete. I hope this makes sense to you. It will in time. 

Question #05
Actually, what is the main reason to be born into this life as a human, onto this planet?

The human form and this existence on this plane is a gift, it is a gift of experience, a gift of growth, understanding, of senses, of this material existence. With all the aspects of the material plane, the pleasures and the pains it is a blessed gift.

It is a sacred privilege to be in this form. Unfortunately, most only understand in the last moments of their existence. All your experience and learning of this lifetime assists in the growth of consciousness. A consciousness that even we are part of. We call that the grand consciousness. You see, your life serves in so many ways. Yet, you are entitled to have your own perspective. If you like it or not, it’s yours. 

Question #06
My question is how can we collectively deny permission for all the manipulating forces and how can we all be of best service to others in our lifetimes?

Thank you for your question. It is a very wise question. The only true way for humanity is through their own evolution of consciousness. While collective effort is more powerful and beneficial, your individual evolution of your consciousness is as powerful. This evolution will require you to take full autonomy of your existence. That is already quite a task for humanity, don’t you think? All effort in that direction is perceived to be assisting the evolution of mankind and we are in support of all efforts. Thank you for your question. 

Question #07
Will the shift of the evolution for the next step happen by our intention for self-realization or by something else?

Evolution of this kind is like a wave, a tidal wave. It does not require your intention. It has its own momentum. The question is: Can you swim? And will you learn to swim before the wave has come? I hope this analogy makes sense to you.

Question #08
How can we consciously live happiness during this process?

Thank you for your question. Happiness is not a requirement [for human form] and it never was. Yet, presence is. How can you be more present as this evolution is happening in your life? And what are the aspects of your life that are keeping you from being present? Your ability to be present in every moment and deeper presence of your full existence will be the key to your fulfillment as this process continues. 

Thank you. I want to thank you for your presence. For your willingness and for your openness to directly experience our unconditional love for you. May your journeys and processes in this evolution be smooth as possible. And may you lead by example for others. Thank you. 

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