Channeling Session – March 4th 2018 (Budapest)

Channeling Session – March 4th 2018 (Budapest)


Greetings, my name is Emmanuel. Thank you for your presence and your willingness to experience this gift from us. It is an unconditional gift. It is the way, we show our love and respect for humanity. We have assisted humanity for thousands of years in the ways we know. And more recently we have decided to strengthen our efforts to support your evolution. The evolution, that you’re going through, currently as mankind, is a spiritual evolution of consciousness. And is a difficult test to pass as a race. This is why we have chosen to participate and help where we can for this evolution to happen. You are part of the grand consciousness and we are part of the grand consciousness. Everyone’s evolution contributes to the evolution of grand consciousness. This is a perfect time, now, for you to evolve into a different state of consciousness. It will not be an easy change. Some of you already feel the difficulties and the challenges rising. The polarities among you strengthening. Yet, there is light at the end of the tunnel for all of you. These struggles will not be in vain. They will be important learnings, either way. You may have fears or anxiety, or concerns. Some of you may want this change to happen sooner, some of you maybe never. This change comes like a tidal wave and everybody will be impacted and is impacted, already. Most of you here have started to do your preparations. Our advice is, that you’re not passive as this change happens. That you actively work on yourself. On the parts of you, that are weighing you down. On the lessons, that need to be learned and finalized. On the work, that requires cleanup between relations and yourself. This work is not [just] individually important, [but also] important as a community, and nations and the entire world. We are not the only ones assisting mankind in this work. I am glad to see, that some of you have already started to do their homework. It’s not easy and it will maybe even be more difficult in the coming years for humanity. Some of you that have walked this path already, will be the guiding light for others. They will see you as an example for what can be done if one puts their mind and heart to it. We are in support of those in your race that are already walking ahead and at the frontlines of this evolution. You are not alone, you will never be. And this effort, the pain and the suffering will never be in vain. You may have questions about the nature of healing, that you have received, or about the state of humanity or your own life. I will do my best to answer those now.

Question #01:
May I ask your opinion, how can I serve the best?

Thank you for your question. A question of service. It is a desirable place to be, as a human, to find fulfillment in service. It is easy to mistake, though, where the intention of service is coming from. Some may have the intention from a deficiency to serve in order to be more complete with themselves. This is similar to conditional love. There is nothing wrong with it, yet it is not the highest form of service. The highest form of service, one finds, when one has found themselves. Only then can you be of service to others. The journey of finding yourself could be the hardest journey of mankind. And maybe the most fulfilling of all experiences. Once you have found yourself, you will know how to serve. I hope this answers your question, even though not directly. 

Question #02:
How can I forgive myself completely and open my heart completely?

Thank you for your question. Who is the self that wants to forgive? That is the more important question and can you find that self? Can you identify the part of you that is holding you hostage? When you find that part, you will find compassion, as accepting it as a part of you. The completion of your understanding of your being is going to be the key for your freedom. Does that make sense to you?

Not completely. 

All actions of mankind, no matter how cruel and difficult and how horrendous they seem, are divine by definition. The judgement comes from the mind. There is a part of you, that judges yourself too harshly. And while your actions may not have been justified or fair in some way, the only way to fully accept and understand that, is every action that has ever occurred is divine and necessary by definition. We have found our peace with the shortcomings of mankind in our judgement. And we have found peace with the shortcomings through our own evolution. You see, there is a divine order that is much bigger than your individual experience. And while your experience is real and yours, there are definitions and laws that are bigger than all of us. One of these definitions, that we understand is that all action is divine by definition. This may not help you with your immediate situation, but maybe it will expand your perspective. Much bigger things have been forgiven in the history of your race and many others that have existed before you. Thank you for your question.

Question #03:
I am going through a lot of changes and like to know what is the most important information that I needs to know to go through these.

Change is the only true constant that we understand. You perceive it now, because it is a change that is uncomfortable. If it was a comfortable change, you may not even notice. What is the part of your existence that is losing comfort? Your understanding and you finding peace with that part will make this process of change much easier for you and the ones around you. Does this make sense to you?

I don’t feel uncomfortable with this change. I just realized that there is.

Yes, there is a lot of change currently going through your plane of existence. You’re not the only one experiencing it. For you, to keep your comfort in this change, is a blessing. The difficulties, that you’re going through as individuals, communities, nations and as a human race are natural and those difficulties are going to be even harder going forward. In those difficulties and challenges, you will find unification and coming together as individuals, communities, nations and as a race, the human race. The challenges and the changes, you’re going through, are in this way a blessing. 

Question #04:
What can I do actively, during these changes, for myself and for my surrounding?

Thank you for this great question. A situation, that all around you are facing. Actively: Understanding that the change, externally driven, has impact internally. Understanding how this is creating change internally for you. Where you are experiencing your challenges and your discomfort and where you can learn from that change and that growth. It is the self-inquiry that we ask you to do in this change. Ultimately, your self-realization will impact all those around you. And self-realization requires self-inquiry. The change is your friend to have this inquiry. If you lean in actively into this inquiry, you will do a great service for yourself and the ones around you. Thank you for your question. 

Question #05:
Recently I realized that I am doing a self-sabotage against myself. I realized it but I don’t know how to stop it. How to stop sabotaging myself?

All actions are divine by definition. Understanding, why your act is divine is going to be the key for it to stop. It is the appreciation of the service that this action has been doing for you and the resulted learning for you, your soul and the ones that come after you. Only when your appreciation is completed, the actions will complete. 

Question #06:
I would like to know: How is it possible to forgive myself and the entire world in a way I will not put anything on my shoulders but let it completely go?

Forgiveness does not mean you are taking on responsibility for what has happened. It means, you are accepting that it happened. And you are letting the emotional aspects of that acceptance go. This allows a cycle to be complete. It is the only way to complete all cycles. Do you understand the importance of your question? It is key to understand; all actions are divine by definition. Everything that has happened, happened in order to grow as a consciousness. Every action and every learning contributed to the grand consciousness. No matter how good, no matter how bad, you’ve seen. All of it, equal in value. And divine by definition. Only through this understanding and incorporation into your life will you be able to complete the cycle of forgiveness. Thank you for your question. If there are no further questions, we will close the session today.

Question #07:
I have a question, it is more personal also. I’ve been asking healing for my family. So, I want you to name the main “stuck” in our family energy, so that I understand clearly that you understand my intention to be healed. The second part, I would like to know if it’s, if it was successful in order to not give this to the next generation, raising in my belly? Thank you.

Thank you for your question. It is very connected to the previous question. Forgiveness and understanding of all actions, no matter how cruel and difficult they were, are divine in nature. And they [the actions] have served their purpose, so that the ones after could learn and grow. Only by accepting the actions of the past to be divine, can your family truly move on. Does this make sense to you?

The first part yes, but the second one if it’s not going to be given to the next generation, little bit answer that one.

Only if you find peace with it, the next generation will not have to deal with the previous generation’s challenges. Does this make sense?

Yes, thank you.

We thank you for your attention, for your intention and for your presence. For your willingness to receive this unconditional gift of our love. Your individual work is key and important for the evolution of all mankind. Please understand and put the priority in a way, that reflects this understanding. Your individual evolution will spark and assist the evolution of all mankind. And you will be leading by example. Thank you. 

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