Q&A with Emmanuel – Conscious New Beginnings – Feb 4

Greetings, my name is Emmanuel.
In the course of your evolution, you will discover that you transform and change consistently, continuously. No aspect of life is ever stagnant, yet the perception that you may have, the illusion that you may perceive as change being too slow, not appropriate to the desires of the mind, the desires of the heart, the comforts of the physical form, and the requests of your soul. The appropriate speed and pace of transformation is defined through the alignment of all aspects of your being. Therefore, the alignment of your being will always be the key to defining the pace of transformation that you seek, and that you create.

At times, the mind may request transformation of your thoughts, transformation of your environment, to adhere to a specific agenda of comfort. At times, your physical being may request a certain change and transformation of your life, to adhere to a specific level of comfort. Similarly, the heart may request a certain change of your relations, of your environment, to adhere to a certain level of emotional comfort.
Yet once all aspects of your being are aligned, and your presence in the moment is defined as your most significant place of power, the perspective of change, the perspective of transformation, becomes a natural embrace of this reality. And you notice that in the moments of deep presence, in the moments of this qualitative experience of silence, of empowerment, all aspects of life become unattached, as in the moment, you experience all of life available to you.

This is a significant first stage, and the foundation for creating the reality that you choose on all aspects of your being; creating from a place of alignment, creating from a place of presence, creating from a place of love. This exploration, this continued evolution of your being, requires your choice, your ability to create the space for moments like these, where you experience your true power in the moment. Your true presence, your true alignment, and your true self.

And in this exploration you discover the potential and the possibilities to unfold, emerge from the very moment that you are in. And as you discover the misalignments within yourself in this very moment, you have an understanding of the steps to take to find greater alignment. Finding greater alignment itself is a lifelong exploration. At times, many lifetimes will be required to find true alignment in all aspects of your being.

Yet the steady aspiration, the soft expectations of alignment, will move you towards this moment of great presence and awareness, and a place of power that you find as an individual. The choices you make will naturally unfold as the most aligned choice in the moment. The comforts that you seek will be comforts that adhere to all aspects of your being, and as you detach from the impact you have on others through the choices that you make, as you detach from the impacts that you have on certain aspects of your being through the choices that you make, you will discover that the choices to unfold are naturally unfolding.
Life itself will be a continuation of these natural choices, with significantly less effort, friction and contradiction. With significantly less inner conflict life unfolds with ease, and this reality provides to those that have found alignment, to those that understand the creative power that they have been gifted, those that understand that the present moment provides the infinite possibilities of this reality. At times, your environment and your reality, your relationships, will change according to the transformations that occur within your environment, the world itself, and the cosmological alignments themselves, the relational alignments and the transformations of those that are within your environment. All of those have the potential to impact you and your life.

Yet within this interplay of the external changes and the internal changes, the conscious creatorship of your own being, you create and you co-create, collaborate in the creation of a reality that serves all. You will find peace in these co-creations, as you have detached from a specific outcome. Yet you have set the direction of your choices, and the direction will bring forth progress of evolution, and the specific milestones that you will reach may be different than the ones that you have imagined, may be different from the ones that you have envisioned. Yet you will know that each milestone that you move towards, will be a significant transformational stepping stone in the direction of the choices that your inner alignment has made.

Feel the choice, feel the direction, sense an inner knowing that directs you forward. This knowing is beyond the mind. This feeling is beyond the heart, and the physical body. It is beyond the innate requests of the soul. It is an alignment of all aspects of your being that emerges in this inner knowing; and over time, your inner knowing will become more clear, more definitive, and more direct. Along with this alignment will come the support that you require in embodying and directing your creative force to the changes to come. Thank you for listening to my words. I will now answer some of your questions.

Question  #1:
Is real change up to the individual, and how does it relate to what is understood as a predetermined soul plan or destiny? Can we truly change the course of our lives?

Yes, you can. Humanity as a consciousness, as the individualized expressions that you are, is at the verge of a great transformative process. The individual’s evolution becomes the evolution into conscious creatorship. Yet the deep alignment of all aspects of your being, will be the determining force to allow you to shift the choices that your soul has predefined for you, predetermined for you, to experience in this lifetime. The transformation of humanity comes with the transformation of the processes pre-established for the human experience, and as this predetermined human experience changes, your ability to be the single determining and driving factor of change becomes available to you, to the individual that is aligned and has embarked on the journey of conscious creatorship. Thank you for your question.

Question #2:
In the process of having a conscious new beginning, how can we as individuals and as a human race let go of self-destructive behaviors?

Destructive and self-destructive behaviors are a consistent, yet remnant, of the separation illusion that humanity is experiencing. As the individual and the collective start to understand the interconnected nature of all of consciousness, the interconnected nature of all of humanity, life and the gift of being human will be embraced as a great potential; a potential to receive, a potential to share.
Therefore, this awareness of unity, this awareness of the collective and connected nature of all of consciousness, will allow you to supersede any destructive and self-destructive tendencies. Therefore, the evolution of your consciousness will bring forth a great appreciation for life, yours and the life of others. The creative forces of nature are naturally matched with the destructive forces of nature, and therefore certain processes in this physical reality will require destructive forces to continue its process, and every creation and every destruction in itself brings forth great learnings and great realizations.

This will continue until the completion of the human experience, yet your perspective on creation and destruction will shift. Your ability to direct your creative power, your creative force, will shift. You will choose consciously how to direct your creative energy, and your destructive energy. You will distinguish and discern which parts of your being are the ones requesting destruction or creation. And this is an awakened soul, understanding the fabric of this reality, choosing creation, choosing to apply its creative force for the betterment of all of life, for the betterment of all of the collective. Thank you for your question.

Question #3:
Lately in meditation it feels as if I’m experiencing a new frequency to which I have never been previously exposed. Is this the same thing as a new dimension, and am I embodying this conscious new beginning as I integrate this new frequency or dimension into my conscious awareness?

All planes of existence operate at certain ranges of frequencies. The human form, the human consciousness, the human collective, is capable of experiencing a wide range of frequencies beyond the frequencies available to you on this Earthly plane. Therefore, your ability to access planes of other frequency ranges, is an embedded and inherited aspect of your being.

Naturally as your consciousness evolves and expands, your reach and your ability to touch upon other planes of existence will become emergent; allow your consciousness to be capable to hold many planes of existence, many frequencies, while experiencing the human form on this earthly plane. This ability to experience dualistic and non-dualistic form, this ability to experience the material and the non-material form at the same time, is your next evolutionary process. Thank you for your question.

Question #4:
How do we balance conscious manifesting and the daily grind of work, school, unwanted tasks? It seems like after raising the vibration, I need to lower it down immediately, just to go through daily life.

The expanded states that you reach as a human being, the new frequencies that you hold within your being, will request a change in your life — a change of activities, a change of relationships, and a change of perspective. If you allow yourself to first shift your perspective on what you create, how you create, and why you create, you will find that you will be able to bring these frequencies of your expanded consciousness in every task that you do. Into every aspect of your life, you will bring forth these expanded states of consciousness.

Yet at times you will notice that the choices you have made for certain activities no longer resonate with the expanded consciousness that you now hold. A change in your choices will become emergent if the change in perspective is not sufficient. Your inner alignment shifts, and will direct you to activities that are in resonance with this alignment that you hold. Returning back to the state of your choices that derive from misalignments will bring forth internal friction, confusion, and emotions alongside with it. Therefore, observe yourself as you are changing and aligning to the greatest potential of your being.

Do the choices you have made in the past still resonate with the person that you are becoming today? And if not, how can you bring forth a different perspective to all of your actions and your choices? And if not, how can you allow yourself to transform in the choices that you make from now onwards? The creations that you bring into this world — how can they be truly infused with the new person that you are becoming every day, every moment? Thank you for your question.

Question #5:
How do we recognize other conscious creators, and how can we discern how our collaborations with other conscious creators will impact evolution?

You will recognize a conscious creator by the alignment that they hold, the resonance that you feel, the possibility, the perspective of non-attachment, the inherent creative life force that they hold within their being will be present with them. And as you recognize this unattached creative force that they hold, their ability to be aligned, their ability to create from this place of alignment, their ability to serve themselves and others at the same time, their ability to stay open in the face of challenges, will show to you the level of conscious creatorship that they have reached.

And the conscious creator is not a single milestone an individual has reached, yet a journey that they have embarked on to operate from this great internal alignment. As you embark on your journey of conscious creatorship, you will naturally gravitate and resonate with those that have embarked on the same journey. And you will witness that this resonance will allow a collaborative force to emerge in the moment. A sense of possibility, a sense of kinship, a sense of resonant perspective.

And many conscious creators aligned together will truly be a force in this reality. And their ability to expand, their ability to bring forth a new reality, will be unparalleled. You will not be required to seek out other conscious creators. As you embark on your journey of conscious creatorship those that are on the journey as well will cross paths with you, and the recognition will be immediate. Thank you for your question.

Question #6:
I am 73 years old and at times I notice that I do not possess the same physical strength and energy as before. Can you please tell me if opportunities to recreate, reinvent and reestablish are the same as for younger people?

Your perspective on creation might shift as you journey on becoming a conscious creator. Creative force itself, derived from a great alignment within, is beyond the physical abilities of this human form. It is an expansion of consciousness and your alignment of all aspects of your being. Consciousness does not age in the way you experience the human form. Consciousness evolves, matures, and holds a certain frequency.

As you age in your human form, your consciousness as it matures and holds a certain frequency can truly be a great conscious creator, and a conscious force to manifest a reality beyond your imagination. Your presence will activate, will inspire, will assist in others’ ability to create as well. Many lineages, many generations have revered elders to be a significant force of guidance and wisdom. Their presence was a vital aspect of human existence.

You will notice that as humanity’s consciousness evolves, they will return to these values and witness the importance, honor the importance of the elders and the alignment that they bring into the creations of all of humanity. Thank you for continuing this journey, and holding a great vision for all of humanity. Thank you for your question.

Question #7:
How do I release blocks, conscious or unconscious, that stand in the way of transformation and conscious new beginnings? I have identified various themes throughout the years that keep coming up to allow me to evolve, yet I can’t seem to shake some of them.

Your awareness of these blocks is a significant first step. In moments of silence, bring your attention, your observation, to these blocks. Witness in all the ways these blocks have been created — the internal conflict of different aspects of your being, the inherited trauma of your existence and your previous generations, all culminating to this moment of significant realization. Yet the realization has not emerged yet, as the circumstance has not transformed, has not been observed with clear intention and attention. Allow yourself in moments of silence to observe yourself and these identified aspects of your being that you have defined as ‘blocks’ of your growth.

And without attachment, observe the feelings that come, observe the thoughts that emerge. Observe the roots of this ‘block,’ and continue your observation until this ‘block’ starts to transform into important realizations. And as these realizations start to integrate into your consciousness, into all of humanity’s consciousness, you will witness that the block itself no longer requires to hold within your being, and the energy reserved to bring forth this realization is finally liberated and transmuted. The energy moves once again, and your creative force is active once again. Thank you for your question.

Question #8:
Can you help us understand more completely how to find relief when feeling trapped in an obligation? How can this challenge be looked at again, rearranged, or even reviewed to transform into a way forward that includes joy?

The perspective of being trapped is the imprisonment of the mind. Observing yourself in the choices that you have made from the place that you have held as a consciousness in the moment of making this choice, a commitment or obligation, a life circumstance or relationship that no longer resonates with the person that you have become and are becoming. This moment of transformation, this moment of alignment, will give you the opportunity to realign your obligations, your choices, and your commitments without the fear of the consequences.

As you have understood that moving forward from this place of alignment, from this place of presence, from this place of empowerment, can only bring the greatest joy as your creations are conscious creations, are empowered creations, and are aligned creations. Others may be impacted by your choices, by the changes that you want to observe.

You may be required to renegotiate your agreements. You may be required to listen deeply to the emotions that your choices bring forth in others. You may be required to collaborate in a new future that is emerging, yet that in itself is your empowerment and conscious creatorship. You are no longer avoiding the transformational process that you are in. You have surrendered that this great alignment that you seek and that you consistently embody is coming to fruition, that this great alignment will bring forth and the greatest results of your life and the greatest unfoldings of your life.

The journey of change and new beginnings will always require surrender, detachment, and allowing this new nature to unfold from within you into your immediate external reality. A new freedom that you have gained and that you have earned and that you are living now. You have embraced your freedom, and those that have true love for you will cheer for your accomplishment of finding your liberation and your freedom. Those that are challenged by your choices have not found their own freedom yet, and may be conflicted by your ability to move in this way until they are inspired to find freedom as well. Thank you for your question.

Thank you, Emmanuel. Thank you for your answers.

Thank you for receiving this gift of ours, our humble perspective on your questions, on your journey, and on your explorations. May this perspective assist you in understanding and inspiring yourself on the journey of evolution.


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