Elohim Transmission – Finding the Divine in Relationships – Feb 5

Greetings. We are Elohim.

In the evolution of human existence, it was deemed that this individualized experience was a significant effort to evolve consciousness, humanity’s collective consciousness. The individualized experience seemed the right approach for you to establish an understanding of “self,” an understanding of “other,” an understanding of the collective, over time. Therefore, the separation and the experience in this dualistic form allowed for the exploration of consciousness itself in this very form — the human form.

An individual identity was established per life lived. Many relationships with other identities were established per life, and through many lifetimes. Each relationship served to provide opportunities for connection, for exploration, for challenge, for comfort, for bonds lasting many lives.

And in this connecting, disconnecting, and reconnecting, the opportunity to see “self” was established. Every individual, every relationship in human form, is truly an opportunity to witness all that you are, all that you can be, and all that you were. Therefore facets of human consciousness represented to you by the individuals in front of you is truly an opportunity to understand, to embrace all of humanity.

Despite the appearance, despite the expressions, despite the immediate judgments [and] opinions established about the individual in front of you, witness and sense the warmth and the love of creation, establishing all that they are, in perfection. Embracing all that they are allows you to embrace all that you are: acknowledging parts of you unseen, unprocessed, by witnessing, and allowing compassion to emerge from within you for the other; by allowing gratitude to become a significant aspect for relationship, therefore establishing gratitude for yourself. Accepting, embracing, and appreciating all facets of human existence, through the appreciation of the other, allows you to appreciate all that you are in all your facets.

As you can see, the judgments of the mind: merely a simple and temporary filter to navigate this reality, to navigate experiences chosen. Yet beyond the filters of the mind, a deeper sight emerges: seeing the divine in all of existence, starting with the individualized forms around you, with you, and represented in human form. This initiation of the mind, this initiation of your consciousness to observe at great detail all of humanity will allow you to support humanity in its evolution as a consciousness collective, as the collective will start to see itself in that same frame, in that same perspective.

Initially, humanity was required to witness itself as “the challenger,” as “the villain,” as “the opposition;” its own image, repulsed by itself. In this phase was an important learning as well: survival. Yet beyond the many facets of emotions and judgments, humanity is emerging to understand the greatness of its diverse expressions in human form, the greatness of the collective that is providing the many viewpoints, the many perspectives, the many lifestyles, and the many discoveries.

This life, in itself, became prevalent to evolution. This life in itself, with all that you experience, became a source for realizations. All moments in relationship — with self and the others — became true opportunities to discover a greater understanding of consciousness. The glue to bring all these bonds, these connections, the energies, into manifestation is the love of creation that permeates, that establishes, that creates, and destructs all of existence. Every aspect of you is a transformed aspect of the love of creation.

And those observing existence with the pure observational capacity will notice the love of creation in every single aspect of life, every single aspect of this reality. The most natural and significant aspects of understanding the love of creation is the transformed form, into human love: the bond to the mother that has brought you to this life, the bond to the father that has protected and provided, the bond to this Earth that receives you with open arms and provides for life. All these bonds, strong manifestations of the love of creation. Conditional love, yet a significant and true love.

These initial experiences of love establish the understanding of love in relationships, of love with others, and of love with self. You explore the concept of love throughout your entire life, only to find your way to the most essential peace, the love of creation in its purest form, all facets of love and relationship merely pointing the way towards the original, the authentic, and the purest form.

Therefore, can you witness yourself in all the many expressions of love for yourself, for others and for this world? Can you follow this path of the invoked opening within your heart to discover the greater nature of love? Following relationships, following self-discovery, following a great understanding of this world and this reality, all the way to its initiation into form. The love of creation, transforming into this existence, transforming into you, transforming into the other, transforming into all thoughts, transforming into all emotions; an omnipresent fabric of existence.

In moments like these, the silence will allow you to observe this fabric. Sense, rest, and realign. Allow yourself to be held in this fabric of existence. Allow yourself to receive. Any stories of the mind, any stories of the heart, and any stories embedded in this physical form, become irrelevant. In this moment of expansion, it is your consciousness receiving from this love of creation. All that you were, all that you ever will be, and all that you are, receiving from this love of creation.

And as you witness yourself receiving, you notice that all that you are is the collective. No separation exists in this state of consciousness. Humanity receives together. Humanity creates together. No matter what the individualized expressions are, it is consistently a collective creation, a collective choice, a collective direction. In this state of existence, loving and being loved will be easy to accomplish: no preconditions, no history, no future, — [just] pure presence, pure receptivity, pure allowance. Your consciousness becomes one with the love of creation.

And from this state of existence, the love of creation creates through you: beyond being merely the receiver of the love of creation, you become the expression of love in human form, and every word, every thought, every cell of your existence, every expression of action becomes an expression of the love of creation. Therefore every relationship becomes an expression of the love of creation. Every individual, every plant, every animal, every inanimate object, every material and nonmaterial existence on this Earthy plane becomes the expression of the love of creation. And you receive through these interactions, you provide, you witness, and you realize; you evolve as a consciousness.

In this evolutionary process of human’s existence, you will continue to experience relationship to self and others in extended ways, in expanded ways. You will witness the love of creation emerging in every aspect of your life. Your judgments, opinions, about this immediate unfolding within you and in front of you will carry less weight, as the inner knowing of this love, this omnipresent love of existence, will have overcome your mind, your heart, and your body.

The potency of your ability to direct life, to consciously create, to consciously act and expand, will become a natural expression of your existence. Witness who you are today, and witness who you can become tomorrow. And beyond your imagination, allow infinite possibilities to emerge within you. The love of creation carries no bounds, and is ready to receive your ability to direct this creation. It is yours, in its full extent, to create the reality that you wish, and that you choose, for yourself and for all of humanity.

Thank you for listening to our words.

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