Elohim Transmission – Collective Transformation – July 3

Greetings. We are Elohim.

As you are the representation of the human collective in human form, as you are the representation of human consciousness in a physical form, you are also the representation of all of humanity. All that humanity has ever faced and ever will face, all the potential that humanity holds, all the emotions, all the thoughts, all the actions and the reactions, all the impact of humanity’s existence, is accessible and available within you. Therefore you are the collective, in it’s fractalized representation.

One moment at a time your consciousness is choosing specific aspects to experience through you: these aspects of choice are what you consider as your perspective, your current identity, your current learnings, and your current emotions, and it is a subset of all of humanity, to make this experience manageable through the diversification of all of humanity into the many lives that humans live.

Human consciousness as a collective, evolves through the experiments of every single individual human being; every unique thought, every unique emotion, every unique experience and identity, is therefore a contribution to the evolution of human consciousness. You are therefore a unique irreplaceable contribution to all of humanity.

Life, in return, rewards you with the experience of being human — with the gift of life, the gift of experience, the gift of love, the gift of learning and evolution. The beauty of this world is in your hands; even the smallest perspective shift will allow you to feel the gratitude you have for this life. No matter how challenging some moments of your life were, and potentially will be, returning to your gratitude for life itself — as a blessing, as a gift, as a perfect unfolding — will allow you to experience life in its entirety, in its full potential, and possibilities.

We as Elohim have chosen to establish this physical reality, the multiverses of the physical realm, moving through time, allowing for an expansion of consciousness to occur in this format. This current experience that you are having is one of the infinite number of identical representations of humanity and this physical reality. All of these representations of existence are valid and important. One of the representations will emerge to become humanity’s true liberation. The completion of this experience in material form, the evolution into a non-material existence, the evolution and the Ascension of humanity, this final stage of humanity’s evolution is therefore a critical factor in the lifetime of your consciousness of your collective.

Many other forms of consciousness were involved in preparing this reality, this realm, seeding your consciousness for it to become what it is today. All that is perfect is seemingly so by the intentions, by the attention, and by the deliberate action of other forms of consciousness. Yet within this creation, there are infinite numbers of possibilities to allow for you to become who or whatever it is that this evolutionary process takes you to be. Just the way you choose your life, just the way you choose the experiences, the actions that you take in this creation, all of humanity is free to choose to evolve in a specific way.

The learnings ultimately accumulate to a maturity of all of consciousness, starting with the maturity of human consciousness. Through this experience, this final stage of humanity’s evolution will be accompanied by increased energies on this plane: cosmological changes will provide planetary changes, will provide internal changes within you, within the societal constructs, within the entire collective of humanity. The changes are impulses to remember the greater purpose of your existence beyond living life as it is; learning with every moment as you do — the greater purpose of the human collective, the evolution, the expansion, the Ascension of humanity.

In this evolutionary stage, humanity has found itself challenged: conflicted by its own creations, by its own constructs, mental, emotional, and physical constructs, energetic constructs. While these constructs allowed for stability and reliability, for comfort, for familiarity, evolution requires at times the dismantling of existing constructs, to prepare space for new constructs to be established, for an expansion into greater possibilities.

And this journey of reflecting of the constructs that are established starts with you: understanding how you as an individual have established the person that you are today — mentally, emotionally, energetically, physically — the human being that has come to be you and your immediate environment, to serve and stabilize your state of being to be who you are.

This assistance that we provide on your individualized journeys will allow for greater perspectives to emerge, to witness yourself from your highest vantage point. It will allow you to see yourself in a greater perspective, in a greater light. It will allow you to see all aspects of your being with grace, with compassion and with the eyes of eternity. This will allow you to gather the freedom, the energy, the strength, and the love that is required to transform as an individualized human being; transform any and all within you.

And as you practice this transformation, this evolution, this accelerated growth within you, your capacities extend beyond your own evolution, beyond your own growth. You become, by choice, by your free will, an agent of collective transformation, an agent of transformation and evolution for humanity.

Important learnings and realizations emerge within you, and while at times this emergence of realizations may not consciously be witnessed, they still occur and impact the entire collective. Humanity as a collective benefits from the transformational power of the individual, the dedication and devotion for growth. Therefore, a single individual human being can impact thousands and millions of humans at once. This is the potential and the power that is within you, yet this power, the capacity within you to be this kind of an agent of transformation, a catalyst of evolution, requires establishing devotion, surrender, and an opening.

You witness your opening, you witness your capacity to hold all that humanity is, as you have learned to hold all that you are. You witness that right and wrong are judgments: opinions that matter in the moment for the individual, for the collective perspective, for communal perspectives, for regional and timely cultural perspectives. Yet in the grand perspective for all of humanity, no action can be judged, as all actions are divine, as all actions contribute to the evolution of consciousness, as all that you are is perfect.

This opening that you serve as is therefore a great gift of service. You witness the immediate transformation of those around you: as a result of your opening, as a result of your ability to change and transform, catalyze and transmute — a transmutation agent.

The power of your heart will play the key role in this transmutation. All the observations and mental understanding and comprehension of the transmutation occurs within your mind. Your body adjusts to become the vessel to hold the energy, the wisdom, the connections, to support you in this transformational process. All the functions of your physical existence, as well as your energetic existence, provide for this transformational process to occur within you: the perfect conditions for evolution established by yourself.

In moments like these, in moments of great potential, in moments of great possibility, in moments of silence, in moments beyond space and time, many individuals like yourselves will become transformational agents — catalysts for evolution. Many of you will come together in gatherings similar to this, in gatherings of great numbers, to allow for important realizations, transformations, and transmutations to occur: and it will resemble healing, it will resemble completion, it will resemble awakening, it will resemble liberation.

The energy potential that is provided by the congregation of many is greater than the energy potential established by the single individuals operating alone. Through the connection and collaboration of many, the synchronization of their frequencies allows for a synchronization of their spiritual heart centers. These heart centers, collectively and collaboratively transmute the greatest learnings and realizations to occur for humanity. Karmic cycles of generational complex challenges, can be faced through these gatherings: healing can occur for many generations that have lived before, and for the generations to come, for the land, for the material representation of energy impacted by these challenges. You are therefore, individually and collectively transformational agents of a powerful and unique kind.

While you might find yourself overwhelmed with this truth, you will witness the effortless ability to be an agent of transformation. While your actions will make a difference, greater than the actions, your ability to open, to surrender, and your ability to be in this state of existence, will truly make the difference. Our support for you, therefore, is in the adjustments that we provide, that deliver the greater capacities that you require to be that vessel of change, to be that agent of transformation, to be that catalyst, by yourself, as well as in groups, in gatherings, as communities, as leaders.

The evolution of consciousness in human form, therefore, is right here, right now. The benefits of this evolutionary process will be felt, will be seen, witnessed, as you will find greater peace and alignment within yourself, as you will find greater peace and alignment with those around you, within your regions, your countries, your lineages, and your traditions. Greater peace with the land that is gifted to you, greater peace with this Earth that provides for you, greater peace with all beings, material and of non-material kind, a greater trust in all of existence. Thank you for listening to our words and thank you for receiving this work.

Thank you for receiving this work. These adjustments will provide for the capacities necessary to be a transformational agent for your life and for all of humanity.

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