Elohim Transmission – Karma, Past Lives & Ancestry – June 12

Greetings. We are Elohim.

All that you are, all that you have ever been, all that you ever will be, is in this present moment, available and accessible to you; all lifetimes ever lived, all lifetimes to come, available here, right now, defined by the choices that you have made, that you will make, and that you are making; all your lineages that you will ever incarnate into, all your lineages that you have experienced before, that you will experience in the future, here in this very moment.

The current representation that you are living defines all aspects of your existence — the past and the future equally. In that sense, there is no pre-definition of who you are. All that you are is defined in this very existence, in this very moment, beyond the construct of space and time. You are a being that has chosen this human experience in linear expression, in linear unfolding, yet all that you are already exists, and continues to exist, beyond the construct of time. Therefore, all experiences ever had only impact the conscious aspect of this current iteration of this current moment of your being. The part of you that operates beyond space and time is aware of the past and of the future equally.

Therefore, all of humanity’s existence exists in this very moment. Yet the aspect of human consciousness that is exploring the physical reality is moving through this space-time construct to explore another perspective, another viewpoint and approach to evolution, therefore, momentarily, the part of you that is consciously experiencing the human form witnesses in all the ways you have come to this very moment, from the many experiences you have had in the past.

The greatest determining factor is this lifetime, the chosen experience of a specific lineage of the generations that you have chosen to attach to, the many experiences you have had with the relationships that were brought to you, the traditions, the conditioning, the societal constructs, the education. The life that you live right now carries the greatest importance.

While in this very moment, you are witnessing all that you are beyond this lifetime: the soul-container, the aspects of the self beyond your conscious understanding of human experience, your higher self, all relations and all aspects that are beyond the conscious awareness of your human expression. In this very moment, you are all that you are.

The mind will always request a greater understanding to trust, to surrender. The mind will allow realizations to occur, or detract, limit the realizations to occur. The mind will request experiences to occur in your life, circumstances to adjust within your environment, to provide great learnings. These cycles of learnings, these cycles of realizations, are often considered by some of your traditions as “karma,” yet the concept of karma carries a complex understanding, beyond the definitions of the lineages that you have experienced and that you have learned from.

A soul-container brings forth a significant amount of understanding and learning alongside with its desire to experience the human form, to assist the human consciousness collective in its evolution. You bring forth a specific frequency based on the learnings that you have accumulated as a soul in many different forms, beyond the human form.

Based on these learnings that you have had, based on these learnings that you have accumulated and the frequency that you hold, the choices that you make as a human are the greatest learnings, the greatest capacity, and the greatest service that you can provide to the human consciousness collective. And through this service of learning and realization, you evolve as well as a soul-container, as a consciousness beyond the human consciousness that you represent. Individuals that choose challenging experiences in this lifetime therefore choose a great service of learning and evolution for themselves.

Great opportunities arise with great challenges. All the lifetimes that you have lived were similar in construct and in opportunity of learning. Cycles of challenge, cycles of “victim, villain, and savior,” cycles of realization, cycles of creation and destruction, cycles of emotions — all part of these learning processes, resembling “karmic cycles.”

Only when the desired learning is completed, the greatest realization that can emerge from these cycles is achieved. That is when this karmic cycle will complete, and will no longer desire for your environment and for your relationships to provide you the circumstances necessary for the evolutionary completion. Therefore some karmic cycles will move beyond a specific lifetime, move into this current lifetime, into this present moment.

Some learning cycles will operate within this lifetime; some learning cycles will operate in this very moment. The length of the karmic cycle, the length of the learning cycle, does not determine the weight and the importance, the value of the realization to emerge. A short cycle can therefore include great learnings for you, as well as for humanity.

All that you witness that you have ever been in this lifetime, all that you witness your ancestry and your previous generations have ever been, is therefore opportunity, as well as learning cycles, to provide you with the opportunity to realize, to self-realize, and, in service to humanity, assist in its self-realization.

Every open cycle, every unfinished karmic request is a determining factor of the frequency that humanity holds at any given point, that an individual holds at any given point. Therefore, each realization provides for an increase of your frequency, for a greater understanding of the present moment, for a greater understanding of all that you are, and all of existence.

Many of you that have chosen this human form understand the importance of learning. Some of you still perceive the cycles of learning as punishment, and challenge is perceived as pain — yet you are merely in a cycle of victimhood, for a brief moment, until the learning is complete. Can you adjust your perspective towards realization? Can you adjust your perspective to receive the beautiful and potent realizations to occur in every challenging moment, in every observable pain-impulse?

There is no predefined way to live life. There are only perspectives that can be provided to allow you to hold the greatest awareness that you can in every moment. With this great awareness that is accessible to you, realizations will occur faster, more gracefully; karmic cycles will complete [more easily]. Every completed karmic cycle will either open new karmic cycles on behalf of society, on behalf of your relations, on behalf of your ancestry, or, you as a soul-container will choose to step into the greatest cycle, to complete the human experience in material form.

This environment of learning, this environment of evolution, this construct of material experience, this construct of space-time, was designed to complete for humanity. When human consciousness reaches the right maturity, the right frequency, upon learning all that is required to be learned, all that can be learned in this material form, this school of existence will have served its purpose for humanity, and a new form of existence will emerge for you to experience a new set of learnings, new environments, to allow for different approaches to evolution, new relations to emerge with consciousness of non-material kind, as well as new service to emerge to all of consciousness.

Currently, all of humanity is moving through these accelerated learning processes, an acceleration initiated by the cosmological changes in your environment, as well as initiated by the redirection of energies into this plane. These increased energies will provide the fuel for this acceleration to occur. All cycles that are resisted, all cycles that are stagnant, all learnings that continue with restrictions, are ready to be witnessed, are ready to be transformed and transmuted into the greatest learning for humanity, into the greatest learning for yourself as the human representation that you are, as well as the soul-container that has chosen this human experience.

The evolutionary transformation that you are undergoing is beyond the capacities of the mind to fully comprehend, beyond the heart to fully experience in emotions; therefore, fluctuations of emotions, thoughts and states of being are a natural byproduct of this accelerated evolutionary process.

Waves of change — the only constant is you, in the present moment, witnessing and observing the changes of emotion, the changes of thoughts, the changes of relationship, and the changes of your environment as it moves through you — your attention always reverted back to the present moment and the constant of your existence, your alignment to all of existence, your greatest awareness, and the many perspectives that you can hold at once.

You may choose to divert your attention to all other aspects of life. You may choose to dwell in the emotions that arise, to dwell in the thoughts, to dwell in the environmental changes, to dwell in relationships, as long as you require, as long as you desire, and as long as you choose to. Yet remember, it will remain a choice at all times. Yet beyond the changes that move through you, return your attention to who you are in this very moment, the constant of your presence and of your existence, the potential of all possibilities, the potential of the greatest love to be received, to be witnessed, and to be embraced in this human form and beyond the human form, all forms that you are in this very moment.

Witness life as it moves through you. Witness time as it moves through you. Witness space as it moves through you. Witness relationships, emotions, and thoughts as all aspects of your being accessible to you, [to] move through you. And increase in this moment, in these moments of witnessing, your awareness of all that you are and your experience of the present moment. While all of your past, all of your chosen lessons, all of your relationships, and all of the future to be experienced, provide for great impact on who you are in this current moment, as a soul and as a human expression, remember the impact is always for greatness.

The impact of all of your existence never is established to diminish who you are, to punish your choices of the past, to limit your experiences in the present moment. All that has ever occurred to you, to your generations before, and to human existence in the past, as well as in the future is for your greatness, the greatest capacity of love to emerge, the greatest perspectives to emerge, and the greatest potential for evolution to be provided to you.

Can you allow yourself to receive this truth? Can you allow this new perspective to transform the way emotions, thoughts, and beliefs are held about the past, as well as about the future? Can you witness the transformation of your perspective from “victim, villain, and savior-hood,” to the greatest perspective of presence?

Allow yourself to be undetermined. Allow all possibilities of your existence to be present in this very moment. Allow all pains of the past, all pains of possible futures, to become teachers for this very moment. Allow all that you are to emerge in this moment. Allow all that you are to readjust your perspective, the perspective of [the] love of creation.

Beyond any identity, beyond any personality, beyond any predetermined thoughts, emotions, pains, and traumas; allow all that you are, that you have ever existed to be, that you ever exist, that you ever will exist, to be present right now as an empowering presence and perspective, with all its readiness to be transformed, transmuted into realization, to release any force to manifest the reality of your environment, to purely serve the completion of cycles. Your ways of learning will adjust based on this perspective; your ways of completion, your ways of realization will adjust based on this perspective, and will return to this very moment.

The adjustments that we will provide today will allow you to continuously hold this level of presence when you choose to bring your attention into the very moment. These adjustments will allow [you] to loosen the charge of all aspects of the past, as well as projections into the future, all aspects of past lives, karmic cycles, as well as generational learning.

These cycles will not disappear through the adjustments — some cycles will intensify — yet your perspective and approach to these cycles will change. Your ability to learn and to transform will become prevalent.

Thank you for listening to our words, and for receiving these adjustments.

Thank you for receiving this work. This transmission is complete.

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