Facing Challenges Livestream – April 22

Greetings. I am Raphael. Thank you for your willingness and your trust to receive this work — to subscribe to the idea that you are an ever-evolving being. Every phase of your life carries the unlimited potential for growth and evolution. Every moment of your experience is one step forward. Every realization is one step forward. Many steps are required for milestones to be reached on this journey to self-realization.

An individual on the journey to self-realization will become the ultimate gift to the human collective. Every effort that you take consciously to go through your evolution, to go through your growth, is therefore one step towards the biggest gift that you can provide to yourself and to the human collective.

These steps to observe the experiences that you have had, and the experiences that you’re having in the very moment, requires some conscious effort to be transformed into realization — to become a stepping stone for the next unfolding, to become a completion in your experience as a human being.

You are on this journey — a never-ending journey. Once you reach a milestone, new steps will open and deeper learnings will be had. Once you reach the self-realization within human form, new forms of learning will unfold for you. As in nature, everything moves through cycles and through continued expansion of consciousness. You as well are moving through these cycles and expansions.

Receive this work with all aspects of your being: your mind, quiet and open; your heart, settled and open; your body, relaxed and open; your energetic and spiritual construct, open. This is your ability to control the depth and the impact of this experience. We will provide the work from our end and it will be on your end to fully receive, to fully process and integrate and experience the impact of this work. Thank you for receiving this work.

Thank you for receiving this work. My work is complete.

Greetings. My name is Emmanuel. In the many times that you have been challenged in life, how many times have you truly understood the challenge to be a gift for you? In the moment, the challenge itself is a trigger, potentially coming along with pain. The challenge itself is not always observed as the potential fuel for transformation. The challenge itself is vilified. Yet, you are not the victim of the challenges that life brings to you. You are the receiver of the impulses that are necessary in order to come to realization.

If every challenge in your life could be perceived this way, how would you walk through life? How would you receive the challenges in front of you; the challenges of relationship; the challenges of your environment? Would you perceive the experiences in front of you as good or bad, or would you perceive it as something that will test your alignment? Will you perceive it as a gift to realign further, to refine and fine-tune your entire being, to grow through the experience that’s in front of you, to accept the challenge as a gift, as an opportunity?

This may not happen in the moment of the challenge, yet the sooner you can come to transforming the challenge into a perception of an opportunity for growth, the more it will benefit you, the sooner you will be able to get into a place of observation, into a place of transformation. And, with every observation and with every realization, the next challenge you will perceive differently. You will have learned from the previous times. You will start to feel more often in alignment. You will start to feel, more often, that you are loved, that you will receive the challenges that you can face, that all the methods, the practices, the human support, the energetic support is provided to you to convert this experience into a realization.

Not all realizations will be had in this lifetime, some will carry over to future lifetimes. Some of the challenges have carried over from past lifetimes or previous generations of your lineage. Some challenges are the challenges of society and of the human collective that you partake in. All challenges of humanity are everyone’s challenges, as through all realizations, the entire collective learns.

This is your opportunity to take this piece of advice into your heart, to live by this piece of advice, to open your heart to more possibilities in your life. Thank you for listening to my words. I will now answer some of your questions.

Question #1:
How can I improve my connection with God?

God is with you all the time. The connection is never separated. The connection to all of consciousness is continuously within you. Yet, your conscious part of your being is rarely able to access all parts of your being. This is a matter of perspective and expanding the ability to perceive the many layers that you have access to.

The continuation of your practices will allow you to get into different states of your mind, different states of your energetic-spiritual construct. Continued silence, continued realizations, will allow for a strong foundation, a strong alignment inside. This alignment will in return provide the foundation to reach new layers of consciousness, including what do you consider the layer of consciousness that is the creator.

Some of you perceive the creator as God, and that is perfectly valid. Others have perceived the energy that exists through all of consciousness as the creative force, the love-of-creation. Some of you perceive this creative force as God. This is perfectly valid. Some of you perceive the divinity and the sanctity of your own being as God and this is perfectly valid. As you can see, since the definition of God varies, the goal of your achievement will vary. Yet, you will see that the practices that I have described will allow you to achieve all these perspectives of God within you, and within this lifetime. You are an expression of the creative force, of the creators that have established this plane, and an expression of the sacredness, the divinity that lies in your creation. Thank you for your question.

Question #2:
How can we know whether or when to attempt to make amends to someone for wrongs that we have done? I have hurt others in the past with my actions, but I don’t want to cause more harm by bringing up memories that may be painful for them. But I am concerned that this motivation to avoid harming others is mixed with my own desire to avoid painful reminders of the past.

Every individual will in one or many lifetimes go through the experience of being the villain, the victim, or the savior. Through these different roles, many learnings are to be had. In your current perspective, you have been the villain. You have accumulated guilt and shame around the experiences that you provided to others consciously or without the intention. Either way, now it is in your awareness that your actions have had consequences on others.

Understanding your actions and their consequences from your perspective, imagining the consequences from the other person’s perspective, to fully observing the entire interaction as an important and sacred aspect of the evolution of consciousness, this is an important first step. This step can be achieved by yourself alone. No others are required for this. One.

In a continuation of this realization that you will find by yourself, you will see that your realization will have an impact on the other person — even without communication. The realization will resolve the tension between the parties involved in the experience. It will be up to you to resolve, on the mental and emotional level, verbally, with the other person. The timing of this resolution shall be after your realizations have been established. You will know the realization to be established when the feelings of shame and guilt have dissolved. Thank you for your question.

Question #3:
I feel the pain of others with great intensity. Is that something that I need to overcome to be able to help others in better ways than I’m already doing? Is it limiting my ability to help, or is it important for me to feel it so strongly?

Your ability to feel in this extent is a gift. Yet, currently this gift is overwhelming and is underdeveloped. You need to be able to differentiate your own human experience from the pain that you experience as an individual, as well as the pain that others experience. Once you understand that pain is an impulse for transformation, you will utilize the pain as fuel for transformation.

First, you will practice on yourself. Later, you will practice on others. You will assist them through their pain. You will understand this gift that you’re given in more depth and in more detail. You will find ways to reduce the sensitivity that is already within your system. You will find ways to distance your emotional being from the pain that is in front of you. This will allow you to observe the experience in front [of you] without judgment, without categorization, without opinion. From this place of neutral observation, you will observe the pain until it has fully moved through the person or the field. This gift of yours will test you. It will challenge you to your core until you have become worthy of carrying this gift as your service to humanity. Thank you for your question.

Question #4:
For several years now, I’ve been feeling energy stream through my body expressing as sounds strange languages, rapid hand movements, similar to the host’s. These expressions seem to impact other people in a positive way. Can you tell me more about what is happening and how it serves on my awakening path in this life?

Your individual soul has chosen to be in service, and has been in service for multiple lifetimes. The extension of this wisdom and the realizations gained, the attainment that your energetic-spiritual construct has gained is with you and has been activated. Often, the activation of these gifts will not come with specific details on how to utilize [them]. Yet, they will have intelligence included in them.

Your ability to fully surrender to the gifts that are arising within you will allow the gifts to operate exactly the way they are required to operate. You will receive intuitive insight on how this gift works. You will receive intuitive insight in the way you will have to change your practice, your diet, your rest, in all the ways to support the continuation and to full integration of the opening gifts. These gifts will start to become stronger over time. The impact on others will as well. Your continued practice, and the expansion of the gift will impact you as well, positively.

The awakening process that you have started will continue and with every additional realization that you will receive, the gifts will expand as well. The byproducts of self-realization often will carry gifts of this sort. The byproducts of self-realization are never the goal of the self-realization journey. Yet, they are beautiful rewards along the way that can be utilized to support other individuals in their awakening, in their healing and alignment process. You become a vessel of the divine. Thank you for your question, and thank you for your service.

Question #5:
I imagine that entities like yourself are androgynous, but I am curious whether there are any messages specifically from the divine feminine, or addressing the sacred feminine within all humans?

The aspects of duality, the masculine and the feminine principle do not exist in the planes of our existence. We continue to operate from a place where both principles are integrated. Even though we are referred to in the masculine form, we truly do not carry one principle over another.

The values that are delivered from duality principles, the masculine and the feminine, are provided from beings that are closer to the human experience, masters that have ascended, as well as non-material beings that have experienced the human form, or have not experienced a human form before. These principles serve the individual to understand the extent and the beauty, the power that lies within these dual principles.

The feminine principle that carries love, caring, creation, service, nurturing in an extent to express unconditional love. When you experience the divine feminine principle from a non-material being in its full extent, it will remind you of the potential that is within you. It will remind you what is possible within [the] human form. This will provoke new thoughts and actions. It will provoke the desire to expand. To see the possibility is always a powerful impulse. To receive and feel the extent of the divine feminine principle will always be a powerful teacher to you and to all of humanity. This is equally valid for the divine masculine principles. Thank you for your question.

Question #6:
I’m really interested in embracing and accepting that I am love, and that I can love myself and others unconditionally. Can you help me cut any cords of attachment, or offer some healing or advice on how we can all step into this kind of love fully?

In the human experience, the potential of unconditional love is the highest to be achieved. Conditional love will equally serve in its full spectrum of experiences. The human form will likely carry both aspects of love, always within you and always available. The fact that human life is conditional itself — that it carries many conditions to live in the first place, the condition of space and time — the condition of life requires the human being to experience conditional love.

Yet, as you can see and as you can witness, unconditional love permeates through all of existence, without any conditions, at all times, unlimited in its power, unlimited in its potency. Your ability to experience these forms of love, [of] conditional nature and of unconditional nature, will be expanded by your continuous alignment, by aligning your heart, aligning your mind, aligning your body, and the capacity of your energetic spiritual construct to hold this alignment. The more you’re aligned, the bigger your capacity to stay present, the stronger your capacity to stay present, the more of this love of creation of its unconditional nature will flow through you. It will be present for you, and it will be present for those around you. This in itself will become the inspiration for others to seek that kind of alignment, that kind of love. Thank you for your question.

Question #7:
How should we deal with atrocities happening in the world? Is it sufficient to simply be positive and try to elevate our own consciousness? Or, is direct intervention needed to stop the atrocities? And, if direct intervention is required, how do we prioritize the different interventions?

The answer to your question is dependent on the perspective that you carry. As a human being, you have the ability to choose based on your free will. You have the ability to carry a dual perspective as well as a non-dual perspective — even a perspective of the entire consciousness itself. Based on the perspective that you carry, your will will act according to the expression of your being.

You may choose to intervene based on the values that you have set, based on the values that your current societal structure has set, based on your definitions of justice; of balance and alignment; of cause and effect; of action and consequences. These actions of yours will create new actions in return. This cycle will continue until, from all actions that have been taken, realizations will be gained. Without actions, there will be no experiences, and without experiences, there are no realizations.

As you can see, some will continue to perceive the experiences of humanity from a non-dual perspective; from that perspective, the experiences that they perceive they can transform into realization for the benefit of all mankind. Others will be part of the actions that are required to be taken to create experiences, which in return will fuel realizations. As you can see, both ways are important and required. Thank you for your question.

Question #8:
I’ve been healing a chronic pain issue, and, as I listen, it’s been asking me to slow down and live more mindfully. I’ve been doing that, but the pain still occurs. How can I help my body heal faster and completely?

Chronic pain is a message that wants to arise that has not been fully heard. You must go deeper with the pain itself. You must have deeper conversations with the pain itself: Truly understand its origin. Truly understand the moment the pain established itself in a chronic way in your life. This moment, this experience could be of this lifetime, yet could be of previous lifetimes. It could be a remnant of your generations before.

Your ability to slow down, and to quiet your being — to truly allow the messages of this pain to arise — will bring forth all that is necessary for you to transform the cause experience of the pain so that the pain as messenger can subside. This is a journey that will not happen quickly, as it is required for you to patiently move one step closer to the pain. Despite the difficulty and the challenges that it brings forth, with courage and a brave heart, you must move closer and open your eyes, to be fully in receptive mode to what needs to be delivered to you, to what needs to be heard, what needs to be seen, and what needs to be realized.

Blessings on this journey, as it will require patience and continued realignment of your being, continued love and support, so that you can move closer to the origins of this chronic illness. Thank you for your question.

Question #9:
What advice do you have for lucid dreaming, and doing energetic and spiritual work while sleeping?

The ability for an individual to perform energetic alignments, as well as location changes, through an altered state of mind that you consider “the dream space,” is an important element in the repertoire of human experience.

Your consciousness is able to operate in various states. The conscious, the subconscious as well as the unconscious aspects of your being are accessible in different states. Different layers of existence are accessible in different states. The changing of your state of being can occur through many different ways, some of which is the practice with breath, some of which is the practice with auditory frequencies, some of which is through practices with visual frequencies, some of which is through meditation, as well as the practices that include nature.

All of them will induce an altered state of mind. In this altered state your consciousness will expand its ability to operate within the energetic field of human consciousness. Your access and connection to other individuals is given at any moment. Many generations before you have developed ways and methods to operate within the dream space and to perform healings as well as alignments, or to use the dream space for the conversion of experiences into realization. Some realizations will be easier to be received in this state of mind. We place no particular value in this practice over other practices, as all practices will lead to important realizations and to important ways of service. Thank you for your question.

Question #10:
Is it true that women experience autoimmune conditions more often than men, and if so, why is that?

The female body through the expression of the feminine principle is capable of receiving and observing with greater openness. This openness will often include a higher sensitivity to outside energies as well as to the environment. The current societal structures and the current environmental situations that you are facing are strong impulses that will bring forth misalignments. The feminine construct is therefore more receptive to experience these misalignments. Yet, through this receptivity, through this higher sensitivity, other powers and perspectives can be had, that the masculine body expressing the masculine principle will not.

The potential that is given to you in your form, and with all the details that you are given, is a spectrum and it can be extended or reduced as can your sensitivity levels be adjusted. Some individuals will require to learn to train the sensitivity levels of their body, of their mind, of their heart, as well as if their energetic-spiritual construct. This in return will allow you to filter more clearly the impulses of your environment.

Those that have currently contracted the misalignment of autoimmune disease require to find the silence that is needed to find a realignment of all aspects of your being. This realignment will bring to [the] surface the origin of the autoimmune disease, as often it is [a] categorization that can include many different factors and causes. This journey of exploration in itself will become a journey of transformation for you and for many others. Through the realizations of this journey, your actions will change and so will the actions of human collective. Thank you for your question.

Question #11:
Up until this point in my life, I’ve experienced nodules on my thyroid. I believe I have manifested this situation due to experiences in my life I have found to be unable to swallow. Is my understanding correct? How do I find the most direct to healing?

The healing of your sickness will commence within three weeks. Continuing to participate in this alignment of this space will assist the realignment of your internal structures — physical, emotional, and mental. The realignments of the physical body will take longer, as they are an expression of the energetic, the emotional and mental body. Yet, once the foundations of the energetic-spiritual construct, the emotional, and the mental construct are given, the alignments are established. The physical body will start to adapt these alignments into representation. This is what you will perceive as recovery and as a fully healthy physical experience. Thank you for your question.

Question #12:
I am frustrated sometimes because I only get physical sensations from my intuition, and no images or sound for my mind to process. Can I change this, or am I supposed to?

Your frustration is warranted. Many individuals perceive the non-material world in different ways, and the gifts that unfold on this journey of awakening and consciousness expansion don’t have a particular order. As every individual is unique, your gifts will open up in a unique order for you. Therefore, my recommendation to you is to continue the journey without the strong judgments that you have around what others have achieved and what you have not.

Comparing yourself to others will not support your journey. Yet your continued dedicated work, your continued aspiration for alignment, for transformation and realization, will support you on this journey. And, new gifts of sight; of auditory kind; of thoughts and visions of the future, and of the past, gifts of seeing or hearing, will all come to you in the right time, with the right effort and practice. They’re all part of your self-realization journey. Thank you for your question.

Question #13:
My 10 year old boy here watching with me asks: “Is there heaven and hell?” What would be the answer from your point of view? Thank you.

The concepts of heaven and hell are determined by human perspective. The interpretation of visions, the interpretation of prophecies, have allowed for a judgment and categorization of what was seen to be positive or negative. While there is the full spectrum of planes, there are planes of high frequency and planes of low frequency, planes of light and planes of dark, and everything in between. Planes of light and planes of dark serve in a universal balance [in] this plane of existence. The answer to your question is, “yes.” Planes of light and dark exist — yet the judgment is merely from a dualistic human perspective.

The experience of humanity’s evolution, of humanity’s growth, will allow for humanity to ascend into a higher frequency plane, which you might consider as “heaven.” Not all individuals will make the transition into high frequency existence. This is the nature of evolution. The continuation of life will always bring forth separation, transformation, and unification. These cycles continue, infinitely. In these cycles, consciousness forms and grows. Humanity is going through such a cycle — a cycle of unification, a cycle of growth, a cycle of separation, a cycle of evolution. Thank you for your question.

Question #14:
Recently you talked to us about the relationship between teachers and students, and how teachers can help us pass through gates that they’ve walked through before. A few days ago, my teacher passed to the other side, and I feel him very present. I would like to know how and in which way can he still interact with us when no longer in a body and passed away.

Individuals that have passed on into non-material form — some will return into human form, some that have reached a certain level of attainment will have the choice of continuing to serve humanity in non-material form. Some of you have named these beings “Ascended Masters.” Your teacher is of such nature. He will continue to provide service and assistance to all those that have connected and created a bond in material form. This teacher of yours will continue to be present in your evolution as well. Your level of sensitivity, your level of openness, will allow for communication, will allow for the transmission of energy — even in the ways that you have not experienced before. This is the beauty of service from a non-material form: other experiences and other forms of service are possible that are not within the human form and vice-versa. Thank you for your question.

Question #15:
What would you like us, as humanity, to understand about sin?

The word that you have used to define negative aspects and characteristics of human existence is not an accurate form of expression. All actions of human experience are sacred. They carry neither positive nor negative connotation. All actions carry consequence. The consequences of actions provide for the fuel of experience, and from experience, the fuel for realization.

Your ability to understand the impact of your actions, your ability to understand, to transform your experiences into realization is a key for your evolution, is the key to your freedom — freedom of thought, freedom of heart, and freedom of spirit. The word “sin” has been utilized to enslave the mind, to enslave the heart, to enforce a certain behavior which in return produced the behavior it was trying to prevent. The definition of the sin itself has produced energies that are associated with this expression: beings and forms of consciousness that have developed based on the thought and the energy associated with a specific action of a human, or of the entire collective. You see the power of thought, the power of attention, how it truly can create your reality, how it truly can create new forms of consciousness.

The key to understanding sin, from our perspective, is understanding your ability to transform all experiences in human form into realization, to become even more present, to become even more aligned, and you will understand the non-dual perspective that carries no weight, no interpretation of the experience in front of you. Thank you for your question.

Thank you for the time that have assigned to your evolution, to your growth, to your transformation. May you receive this work with all your being. May it transform you in all the ways. May it become the inspiration for others around you to grow and to love. Thank you.

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