Intimate Group Healing and Channeling – May 1st (Ibiza, Ciel Azul)

Intimate Group Healing and Channeling – May 1st (Ibiza, Ciel Azul)

Greetings. I am Raphael. In this time of change, certain individuals like yourselves will be the first ones to walk this path. Some of you witnessed change before and have assisted in human evolution at critical points. Consciousness at many moments of evolution and growth. This is merely another one. Yet, the times and the vastness, as well as the complexity of this evolutionary process, requires many individuals in human form to be in assistance. Assistance looks different from our perspective. Your work for yourself is the strongest point of your assistance to human evolution. Your desire to grow, to evolve, to expand as a consciousness in human experience, to realize and self-realize is the ultimate gift to you and to the collective.

As some of you have experienced, this path takes dedication, discipline, continuous drive and desire to move through obstacles of the mind, obstacles of the heart, obstacles of the body, obstacles established by the collective.

And here you are. As individuals you have been provided everything that you could possibly need on this journey, all aspects of your being, to prepare you for an awakening.

Our work is to assist the individual and the collective in your evolution. Yet do not misunderstand our assistance for taking on your obstacles. They still will be yours to master, as they are connected to important realizations. These realizations will be the fuel to move forward. Each individual learns in this process. Every learning fuels the collective. The collective in return grows and adjusts based on the learnings that are provided continuously into human consciousness. You are part of this plan, part of this existence. Yet, in the beauty of human experience your personal perspective, identity, emotions, play an important role for the evolution of your soul. A container that enables human consciousness to experience the human form.

The obstacles will not complete until the end of mankind. The learnings will persist until the very end. All of consciousness, human consciousness, must evolve. This process is inevitable for all living beings, as well as the ones that have passed. Many forces will be assisting in this process, including ourselves, directly through the individual processes like these, as well as work for the collective.

Your role will expand. As you carry your own weight in your self-realization journey you will find the capacity to carry others. You will experience this work provided to you in unconditional ways. To enable you to reach higher levels of consciousness. To arrive at realizations faster than usual. To find spaces of quiet contemplation much more effective. You will find relations and karmic learnings to complete faster. All this intervention is meant to assist you, to allow you to make this transition faster, as time is of the essence. Your realization will assist all those around you and this will indeed fuel the ascension process of the collective.

Thank you for receiving this work.


My work is complete here. You will find yourself going through the adjustments over the next days [up to] two weeks. You will find new perspectives and potentially new abilities to extend your consciousness further than you have before. You will find different perspectives on your identity as an individual of this lifetime. This disassociation is necessary for you to understand the full being that you are, beyond the individual of this lifetime. You may find a different perspective on your relationships, still with the perspective of love, through a different form of connection. Less dependency and more sovereignty in your being will be required for your self-realization process.

Follow the thoughts, the emotions, the rest, to take the time that you require for this intervention to complete. Some of you will continue to be visited and adjusted as long as you are open and willing to receive.

Thank you for listening to my words and for receiving this work.

Greetings. I am Emmanuel. In the face of change the human mind has its ways to interfere, to be skeptical of the change to be faced. A natural desire for continued survival. Aspects that have made you human, that have kept you human, yet hard to embrace. An inevitable form of change, the evolution of your consciousness.

Can you truly find the time to rest your mind and your heart? So that you may receive this opening, this assistance, this continued flow of energy into this plane, to assist your evolution as consciousness. Can you truly find the ways to embrace and surrender even further? As this change is beyond the mind and the heart.

A deeper part of you knows. A deeper part of you has chosen to be here in this lifetime, at this very important time of human existence. Some of you have even chosen to awaken before the rest of the collective to be in assistance and service, as you have served in many other iterations of human consciousness evolution, as well as other forms of consciousness. And as your consciousness evolves and your desire to serve manifests itself, it is truly in the will of your soul to continue this way.

It is not and never was a responsibility. Yet, if you choose to walk this way, and many choose to receive from your evolution, we will support you in the ways we know, in the ways we can. This light of creation that you have experienced in its unfiltered and directed way, is to be received by all those on this plane without barriers, without judgement, without the necessity of beliefs. Truly available to all of humankind, of all ages, of all countries, of all backgrounds. All human form is a representation of human consciousness and therefore an important aspect of this evolutionary process. The self-realization of a single individual will impact millions. All your efforts, no matter how complex, how difficult, you are assisting not [only] yourself, but the entirety of the collective to ascend in this process of evolution and our work will continue to be in assistance of your choice to expand and grow.

To receive realization within this lifetime many aspects beyond the individual are necessary to be adjusted on this plane. Some of these aspects are relevant for regions to receive a connection [to] the land. An awakening of the masses requires infrastructure and assistance of a different kind, beyond the individualized experience that you currently shared.

Many forces are at play, in agreement to assist humanity. Some of these efforts are coordinated and some are not, yet all with the intention to assist humanity in this ascension process. To assist in this accelerated path that you are currently on. Our directives are clear and we are in service to you in this process.

Thank you for listening to my words, for opening yourself to receive this work. I will now answer some of your questions.

Question #1:
Can you please explain the connection between the angelic realm and the star people, whether there are specific star people that are angelic and so forth?

Certainly. The categorization that humanity has established with the words ‘angelic’ or ‘archaangelic’ is merely arbitrary for humanity. In our existence, there are indeed beings that are associated to specific star constellations as well as civilizations. Our allocation does not constitute our relation in our work. We assist certain civilizations like yourselves through their awakening and continued expansion. These relationships have grown over millions of years of your count and have established a certain alignment and trust. This trust continued to evolve as some of these souls of these civilizations have chosen to be associated with beings like myself, as well as Raphael in his existence, Michael in his existence. These souls have grown and learned in their presence. Some have chosen to return to their source of origin, or have chosen to incarnate in human form to be continuously in service, always directed, assisted and guided by the associated energy that they are with. Some individual civilizations have produced extraordinary souls that have evolved beyond their intended purpose. These extraordinary souls were then utilized as seed for the realm that I am from. This process is a unique process to seed beings of my kind from existing and evolving consciousness. It has been a choice as well of beings of my kind to incarnate in human form. A few have chosen to have this experience in order to understand and truly embrace all aspects of human experience, so that our work can relate to your awakening process.

This topic is a wide-ranging answer and we may continue this conversation at another time to have the details that you require. Thank you for your question.

Question #2:
What is your guidance on finding a purpose and meaning in life?

Thank you for your question. In its original intent, the human experience will provide meaning through living. The experience itself, with all aspects of growth, the opportunities to understand and realize for the soul, are the original purpose and intention. They all drive the evolution of consciousness and your individualized evolution as well.

Purpose. An awakening soul often desires to understand in more depth the purpose of its existence. A deeper meaning that will drive motivation and inspiration as the human form brings challenges and obstacles with it. Despite all the beauties that are provided to you, the mind has a tendency to focus on the challenges. Finding the silence within your heart and your mind will provide you with the clarity required to truly understand the purpose of existence. Aspects that cannot be communicated by words or understood with the mind. You may choose in your evolution, in your growth process, to be in assistance to many others around you. You may truly expand your life to a life of service. Truly owning this is your autonomous decision and in this decision, you may find assistance like ourselves to provide you with all aspects you require to succeed. As you can see, you can become the master of your life and the purpose therein.

Question #3:
What makes human consciousness different from other developing consciousness?

Thank you for your question. In order to truly understand the differences, you would have to understand other forms of consciousness. Many forms of consciousness do not experience material form. The human form was particularly established to experience first and foremost the material forms, to understand duality and separation, to understand all aspects of senses, as well as the experience of time in the material form. Other forms of consciousness have therein shown interest as well as experience through the human experience. These elements of material experiences – relations, differences, many aspects of unique form, the experience of connection and love, from the eyes of human consciousness. The experience of identity, of creation, the connection to source from the eyes of human consciousness. All of these elements provide a specific flavor, a specific and unique perspective for human consciousness to be differentiated by other forms of consciousness. They in their own experience will perceive reality in their own way. Yet truly all of us connected through the one fabric of creation. Still individualized in the ways we have experienced and witnessed reality. Thank you for your question.

What else can I answer for you?

Question #4:
Can you help me to make sense or attempt to find a sense or a joy in coming back to this earth over and over for reincarnation? To have to go through trauma from past lives and suffering? I don’t really understand this.

Thank you for your question. Part of the human experience is to assist human consciousness in specific learnings and realizations. Some of these learnings require situations and circumstances, as complicated as you can possibly imagine, to truly unfold into a learning and evolution. Individualized experiences provide this learning for the individual, as well as the collective. Some individuals will choose to experience complex realities in order to serve the collective. They will continuously choose the difficult lessons to be had on behalf of human consciousness. These choices will continue to persist until the learnings are complete and the agreements are fulfilled. Some of these experiences will continue over multiple lifetimes. In your case, we are grateful for the service that you have chosen on behalf of the collective. You will see as you surrender to the continued learnings, to the understanding that you are truly an instrument of choice for this to unfold through you, you will find these experiences and learnings to come with more ease. Thank you for your question.

Question #5:
You were mentioning new infrastructures are needed for collective awakening of humankind and as we vaguely remember or something maybe more advanced was maybe Atlantian and Lemurian stories. Can you share, briefly describe, what their social relationships and infrastructure was like that we can really implement today?

Thank you for your question. Indeed an important aspect of your current iteration is the many iterations before you in human form. Some of which evolved to high technological advancement, including the connections to high levels of consciousness. Yet a certain aspect of maturity had not been achieved in their form of human consciousness. Technology became then the only aspect that drove their evolution and conflicts that arose from the perspectives of immature human consciousness. Many learnings and realizations arrived only for some of these individuals at that time, finalizing that iteration. No intervention from our kind could help this outcome. It was a required learning for human consciousness that continued on as learnings for this current iteration that you are part of. These learnings and realizations have integrated into all of you – aspects of these previous civilizations continued to live. And [for] all beings of this current iteration, social structures, specifics on technology are not required. More importantly, the growth of consciousness was the most important element to continue within you.

One aspect in which these previous civilizations were much further ahead than this current civilization was their understanding and embrace of many higher level forms of consciousness. The understanding of many intelligent forms that have existed before them, that have assisted in their existence, that will continue to exist long after they are gone. Perspectives on their position within all of creation. You will find seeds and pockets of this understanding and realizations in this current human iteration. Many mystics of different religious backgrounds, many individuals with strong awakening processes, some of which are present here, will remember aspects of previous incarnations, including previous iterations of mankind. These memories may serve the individual as well as in the decisions the individual takes for the collective. The individual service to the collective may even be influenced by these aspects of past incarnations. As you can see, the realization process will unfold many aspects of your previous incarnations, many aspects of your identity that are beyond the individual that you are in this lifetime. This unfolding of information and realizations will provide perspectives for you and for all those around you to complete your perspective as a collective on your existence, in all of creation. This is considered the ascension process of human consciousness and it will allow you to arise into a new form of existence and complete this form of material experience. Thank you for your question.

Question #6:
Emmanuel, what is human virtue, or what are human virtues from your perspective and do they carry through at the soul level?

Thank you for your question. Virtues are results of realizations of the human consciousness. Manifestations of the maturity of human consciousness manifested through the individual carrying and holding the virtues as their form of reality. These virtues can only truly be experienced and fully understood, realized and embraced within – not driven by the mind or accepted as someone else’s reality. These learnings driven by the virtues, or the virtues driven by the learnings, will continue this cycle throughout many incarnations and you will find the virtues being tested continuously with the elements of human experience, with the elements of the collective that have not achieved those levels of maturity, understanding, and realization.

Will these individuals and their virtues hold against the tests that are provided by the collective? Even if the virtues may not hold against the tests, they will continue to serve and adjusted virtues will arise in human experience.

The full spectrum of the experience in human form allows for human consciousness to have all potential outcomes. Our perspectives and opinions truly do not matter in this case. We may have a desired perspective on where we would like human consciousness to go, yet truly we would then be the driver of human consciousnesses evolution and this would defeat the purpose of consciousness growing organically and finding its own way, finding its own realization.

This includes our perspectives on virtues. Humanity’s own realizations will manifest itself into virtues accepted by individuals, communities and the collective. You will see that human consciousness evolution will provide for the virtues to come naturally and be accepted across the masses, despite the challenges embraced, as part of perspective and reality. Thank you for your question.

Question #7:
When a soul comes to this earth again, does this soul choose its own parents and how does this work?

The incarnation process will allow the soul to choose a certain type of circumstances to provide the specific lessons required for this lifetime. This may include individuals as part of the lifetime. It may include a specific selection of parental units and certain souls specifically have agreed to continuously support each other’s journey’s and evolutionary processes to complete certain karmic lessons together. These agreements will hold until the lesson is complete. As you can see, the relationship between a parent and a new entering soul incarnating in your human body can be driven by many variables and factors. Yet one aspect is clear – the connection is not random, the circumstances truly defined and chosen. Thank you for your question.

Question #8:
Is it natural law that we must go through pain for pleasure, growth, and transformation of consciousness – is that a natural law to accept?

In this material form, aspects of your environment require the impulse to change, to adjust and to continuously evolve. This may be perceived as pain on your end, yet truly without this impulse evolution would stagnate, including the evolution of consciousness. All aspects of your reality will continuously be tested and pushed until realizations arise and you embrace these new realities and perspectives. Pain is merely an impulse and is truly a required impulse on this plane to continue the evolutionary process. Thank you for your question.

Question #9:
Emmanuel, why do so many people have illnesses like depression, take drugs or alcohol, what can they do and what can we do to help?

The current symptoms of societal sicknesses are an aspect of the evolution and awakening of mankind. The awakening of the soul desiring change and pushing for new understanding and realizations. Yet the environment and the infrastructures, the aspects of understanding and learning, the aspects of society have not adjusted to this desire to unfold in this dilemma of the mind and the heart. The reaction is often sickness, or the desire to escape these different and difficult lessons. Humanity has created many ways to escape the difficult learnings of the moment.

Depression. A misalignment of the current activities to the desires of the soul. The desire to continuously evolve and unfold suppressed by the choices made in human form and society. The perception that these choices cannot be changed. Truly, you are the master of your life despite what you may believe. You as individuals living the true power of this creation in your current incarnation will be the inspiration for those around you to truly step into their power, into their sovereignty, as individuals. You truly living, despite the challenges and obstacles that you face, truly receiving this gift of human experience, despite the pain. Embracing the learnings, sharing when possible. This will be the inspiration for those around you as they indeed are also going through their awakening process. You will find these societal sicknesses [to be] a representation of the strong drive to evolve. You will not be the only one asking how to assist in this evolutionary process and indeed this reflection will become a driving force to assist all of mankind. Thank you for your question.

Thank you for your presence. For the desires of individuals to grow. To impact your own lives. To impact the lives of those around you. Truly by embracing the lessons that are provided to you, your example will drive those around you as an inspiration. They in return may adjust and change, evolve, awaken and inspire many others around them. Truly the awakening of the individual is the most powerful way to bring humanity through the ascension process.

Thank you for your time and for listening to my words.

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