Group Healing and Channeling Session, March 17th (Vienna, LYMA)

Greetings. I am Raphael. It is my duty and my honor to serve you today, through this vessel that we consider our host. In this form and shape, this work is unique. Yet it is based on a template that is instilled in the human body, that all human bodies have. The abilities of the human form are truly limitless by imagination. The work we will perform today will include alignments and changes on the physical, emotional, mental and energetic structures that make part of who you are. These aspects serve you, to hold your consciousness in this plane, to enable this human experience for you. Even with the perfect establishment of these structures, there is a certain alignment that is required for deep realizations and awakening to happen. Obstacles of the mind and the heart. Misalignments of the energetic body and the physical are often in the way for higher learnings and for consciousness to explore higher perspectives of existence. This work is intended to be an assisting aspect of your awakening. Thank you for your trust and for receiving this unconditional gift of ours. Truly delivered with the love that we have for humanity and its evolution as consciousness.

As you receive this work, understand that the transformation that you are going through is beyond a natural awakening and evolution. Special times in human existence justify this intervention. This is an important time to understand that you are also ready, beyond the traditional learnings, experiences, and relationships, to come to a place of deeper understanding of yourself and your relation to all of existence. This is what we consider as the self-realization process. This process is natural and embedded in your being. Naturally, the soul strives for this awakening and for the realization. Often facing challenges, difficulties, and obstacles, which in itself are part of the realization.

Your awakening will fuel and feed the awakening of many others. This is how, ultimately, all of humanity will be able to ascend and evolve. Consider to open yourself even deeper and to surrender even more to the energy that has been part of you since the beginning. A force alive beyond your imagination. The love of creation. The love of existence. The energy that permeates through all of existence across all dimensions.

We are nourished by the same energy that flows through your plane and your body. The more you surrender to it, the more you will see its loving nature and its truly supportive aspects to your being. This energy does not require belief. It does not require worship. It does not require even understanding. It is part of you since you are born. It is unlimited in its nature and it is consistently available to you. The only limitations are the limitations that are set by your mind, by your body, and by your heart. You truly can receive as much or as little of it as you are able to. My invitation to you is to use the opportunity of this opening to lean into this energy to receive as much as you can, as much as you desire.


Greetings. I am Emmanuel. It is my pleasure to see you after receiving this work. It will take some time to fully unfold its impact on you and your life and the ones around you. The changes will arrive slowly in a way that is manageable for you to receive and integrate into your life. It is in our interest that this work is easy to receive, is easy to integrate and to fully unfold your full potential. We have designed this work to be in a way non-disruptive for your life that you currently live. Even complex in its nature and vast in its potential impact, this work seems rather subtle. This is our intention. Nothing is more of an obstacle to receive than an overwhelmed mind and heart. By design, you are in this relaxed state to fully open and receive this work. It does require trust and surrender on your end and we are grateful to receive that trust from you so that we may deliver this work to you.

The changes in your circumstances, of your society, of your technology, the changes in your perception, of your relationships and all of human existence, is part of your life. It is not separate from you. You are part of the changes itself. Everything on this plane that impacts humanity impacts you and in return, you have the opportunity and the power to impact all of humanity. Truly, you are one collective and one consciousness even though the experience of separation may seem so real it is merely an aspect of the human experience. Experiencing separation for a moment in time to then truly find your way inwards and your way outwards.

The connection is truly the connection to the same source of existence. Both ways lead to the same place. This is for you to discover. This is for you to realize and ultimately to accept. Many powerful openings will arrive in your life upon this realization, that you are part of the collective human consciousness and the human consciousness is a part of you, having an experience of a lifetime. May you receive this work with grace, with openness. May you allow it to unfold in its full capacity and may all those around you, your loved ones and those that are in proximity to you, receive the benefits of your growth and unfolding. May you be the beacon of light for those in the shadows. May you never lose sight of the light that is within you in its unlimited form and power.

Thank you for listening to my words. I will now answer some of your questions.

Question #1:
Dear Emmanuel, thank you so much for your unconditional love and for your guidance and thank you so much for this wonderful healing session. Please, can you explain to us the meaning of home for us in this life, is it a place where we were born and grew up or is it a place where we are now or is it something else?

Thank you for your question. It is an important understanding, that home as you perceive it has many meanings and the maturity of your consciousness will change and adjust its meanings with different aspects. The aspect that we would like to highlight today is the aspect that you truly are beyond the identity that you were born in and the identity that was born in this lifetime and in this incarnation. The part of you that you consider human consciousness. The part of you that is beyond the person you see in the mirror. This is truly beyond the perception of the human mind. It is a part of you, it is a part of your home. This human consciousness in return is part of a grander consciousness itself. You see, it in itself has a home that goes way beyond the human plane of earth. The realization that you are beyond who you seem to be in the human form will allow you to move through this plane as an inhabitant of all places, as truly the daughter and the sons of all countries, of all parents. You are truly the parent of all those that are born. You see, home is highly dependent on your perspective and the angle from which you can see yourself and the collective. Thank you for your question.

Question #2:
Emmanuel, thank you for being with us and sharing your love and wisdom. In my personal experience, I have an inner voice which I call my higher self and I experience it as a voice , an advisor and I like to have the concept that this is me from a different density or experience. If this inner voice has all the experience and knowledge to guide and to know, what is best in the moment, is this from the future or is this me living every experience at the same time? Is there a thing like time, where all the experiences that we have are happening at the same time?

Thank you for your question. The part of you that consider your higher self is part of your consciousness that has chosen to incarnate in this human form that you currently are. This part of you is not all knowing and does not have perspective on all potential outcomes of your life. Yet it does indeed carry more perspective and wisdom for you and your life, as it is connected to many previous incarnations and the agreements that you have made before arriving in human form. Therefore it is recommended if this conversation that you build is pure and tuned, without the interference of the mind and the heart, you may receive valuable directions and signs for important learnings and growth in this current lifetime. Yet it does not direct you to future perspectives and lifetimes. It does not guarantee the best possible outcome. The perspectives that it provides are the most important learnings to be had for your soul and growth. This may not always result in pleasant experiences, but truly valuable and important ones. Thank you for your question.

Question #3:
If everything we do on earth, in the end, is never judged, does it make any difference therefore what we do, when we are here on earth?

Thank you for your question. It is truly a fundamental understanding to come to this place that you have arrived in. Technically, it truly does not matter in which direction you choose to walk in your lifetime. Yet certain aspects of your life have been agreed upon by your soul to have specific experiences that would provide value to your soul and the collective learning. If truly everyone would do as they please and without specific order in the agreements of learnings, the spectrum of learnings would not be as vast as it currently is. The learnings are distributed among all souls and some are in service to carry much more difficult learnings than others are. These learnings are milestones of lifetimes and the individual will eventually be guided to arrive at this milestone with the assistance of non-material existence like us, as well as the individuals around the individual itself. Within these milestones, there are many pathways and choices. All of this allows for the free will and direction of the individual. The arrival at the learning itself is truly unlimited in its possibilities. Thank you for your question.

Question #4:
I am worried about the development of technology like 5G and what effect will it have on all the beings – human, plants, and animals – can you comment a little on this development?

Humanity has always had the opportunity to develop aspects of your environment. Technology as part of your evolution, with all aspects that are positive and harmful to your existence, or other sentient beings, including all aspects that have consequences on your environment, like the earth. Technology will serve an important lesson with all its upsides as well as downsides, with all its consequences, positive and negative on your life. You will learn and you will adjust as a collective, as individuals. The application and implementation of the evolution of technology is part of your consciousness evolution, it is part of your growth. Thank you for your question.

Question #5:
How can humans restore missing teeth and bring teeth in the right position?

The human body truly carries powerful templates to restore and rebalance aspects of the body including the teeth. These are complex templates to access and activate yet it is possible. You will find recollections of human societies that have had the ability to access these templates and truly implement the recreation of teeth and other aspects of recovery of health issues. Truly perceived as miraculous from your perspective, yet all within the definitions of the human plane and the human body. Thank you for your question.

Question #6:
Dear Emmanuel, how can we receive the learnings of anger more clearly?

Learnings and realizations are beyond understanding. They are beyond the mind. A learning and realization as the highest potential of unfolding, when all perspectives and angles are observed and truly perceived without judgment. The knowing will come beyond the mind and as it arrives in your being, in your consciousness it will integrate and allow for new openings. This is what you consider clarity. Often, the human mind deceives understanding for clarity. From our perspective, a lot more is required than the mind receiving or accepting a certain truth. Many aspects of your being require to be the receiver of this knowing. The clarity will arise from surrender to the perceptions of your being. Thank you for your question.

Question #7:
There is growing understanding today about toxins and pathogens in the body that are contributing to most diseases. On the other hand, there is an older understanding that emotional and mental levels are the main causes of most diseases. How do you see the interaction between those 2 levels, the physical and the mental/ emotional and to which percentage are they mainly the cause of diseases?

Thank you for your question. Diseases are sicknesses, misalignments of the human form and have many root causes beyond the ones that you have provided. Many root causes derive from a choice and an agreement that is made beyond arriving in this life form. Some diseases include important learnings and growth. Some diseases are part of a bigger learning for the collective. Therefore, the driving factor for the disease itself is not always the root cause and the root cause often serves a specific purpose. The perception that any root cause is your enemy is flawed. They truly are serving you and the human consciousness in its growth. The human form grows and learns continuously by iterations and experience of disease and misalignment. The continuous fluctuations, recovery, as well as death, are part of the learning process, to continuously adjust to the environment and to continuously provide important learnings. Providing you with specific numbers won’t make a difference, as they are not relevant. What is truly important is the understanding that the root cause or the delivering factor of the illness itself may not be the true underlying aspect. Often there is a more important learning to be had for the individual. This is an important requirement before healing can truly happen. My perspective for you is understanding that many of the sicknesses and illnesses are driven by spirit and much higher root causes than the ones perceived on the material plane. Thank you for your question.

Question #8:
Hello Emmanuel. Thank you for being here and assisting us in our awakening and growth. I have a question on the collective ascension, as well as planet earth, for those in service as we are working on this and trying to help. Can you give us some insights on what we can do physically as we are coming together as a collective, and what role are crystals playing in this ascension process?

Thank you for your question. The ascension process of the human collective is a complex undertaking. It will require all humans to provide, most importantly, for themselves. [Understanding] that their alignment in body, heart, mind and spirit is an important aspect of the awakening of the collective. They truly are responsible for their own alignment and health. This inner peace will provide for all those around. Those that have achieved a certain level of alignment internally will see that their service is required for the grander collective. These individuals can indeed manifest and create many forms to support the collective, to support other individuals, to go through this process, and through this awakening. Many aspects are required to support the human ascension process. Aspects of changes within the human body. Aspects that require support with the human mind, impacted by the changes of the environment. The human heart, as the requirements for completing relationships and self-perception are increased. Aspects of the human spirit and the energy of the human form, as the energies within your plane are rising. You see [there are] many angles, many potential spaces for all individuals to provide their gifts for assisting humanity in its awakening. There is no particular aspect that we would prioritize for you. The most important aspect will always remain your individual growth and your continuous development of yourself. Thank you for your question.

Question #9:
If our immediate environment doesn’t want to change to whom we have a close or karmic relationship, how should we act and when can we say we have completed this relationship?

Relationships truly are mirrors for you to perceive yourself. Their aspects to provide you information on your state of being, on the importance of a learning. Only your internal development can truly shift a relationship with another being, another human. This aspect of human interaction will persist until the change within is completed. You may choose to change the nature of this relationship prematurely, yet you will see it will persist in other relationships until this learning is completed, upon which the relationships will adjust. Thank you for your question.

Question #10:
Is there a way to speed up the manifestation process for abundance?

Abundance is a matter of perspective. Everything is provided to you at all times. This entire plane is yours. The body that is provided to you will be yours until the end. All the relationships around you are yours and the energy that flows through this plane, unlimited in its nature is yours. Isn’t this truly abundant? All aspects that the earth provides to you. Never asking for anything in return. Isn’t this truly abundance? What has been defined by society, by your training and education as abundance, may not reflect our perspectives. This plane is a gift to the human experience in all ways and all facets. Thank you for your question.

Question #11:
Dear Emmanuel. What is the deeper sense in the fact that people live in sexual restriction because I think sexual restriction leads to aggressiveness? We are aggressive when we can’t express our sexuality. What is the deeper sense in this?

Sexuality. An important aspect of the human life, of the human form. Truly a teacher in so many ways, connected to your psychology, to the mind, to the heart and to the body, as well as to the spirit and to energy. It is an all-encompassing tool and medium for you to experience many aspects of your being. The restrictions applied by yourself, by others, by society, or your environment are aspects of a choice that humanity has made. These choices always come with learning and with repressed learning and consequences. We don’t have a particular opinion on this aspect of humanity as it is provided to you to learn and grow and you truly are free to explore. Understanding the boundaries of your society, the boundaries of the accepted virtues and principles of your society. Sexuality will continue to be part of your growth and life until the very end. Though you will see, it will become a tool to reach even higher states of consciousness beyond the pleasures that it brings to the mind in its conscious and subconscious ways, and the pleasures it provides to the heart and to the body. Truly, it will become a tool for awakening and self-realization. Thank you for your question.

This has been an important gathering for us. Truly an opening, an unfolding of this unconditional gift that we have for you. Thank you for receiving and thank you for unfolding this gift within you, for providing it to all those around you, if applicable. Blessings to you on your path.

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