Private Healing & Channeling Session – September 30th 2017 (San Francisco)

Private Healing & Channeling Session – September 30th 2017 (San Francisco)

Question #1:
(Referring to the received healing) Was there something that I was doing wrong or something that caused that, that I should prevent in the future? Is it something tied to a particular kind of behavior?

You carry a lot of trauma from your heart, still feeling like you have done [something] wrong. You are here to exist and experience. And your existence and experiences create action and reaction. Emotions are part of that. There is nothing you did wrong in the past and there is nothing that you did wrong currently. And there is nothing you can do wrong in the future. You need to come to the understanding and realization that we don’t live in a right and wrong world.  Once you see the light of creation clearly, the dualistic understanding of right and wrong, values, judgments will start to disappear. The current situation of mankind requires a different type of value understanding. It is not about right and wrong, but rather what is going to support the evolution of mankind. We are in care for preserving the consciousness that has been established here, on this planet. So we are in support. 

Mankind is on the steps of an evolution, a beautiful spiritual evolution of its consciousness. It is possible to achieve that in this cycle. It is worthwhile for us to intervene and assist where we can. And we will. We have dedicated a lot of our resources for this mission and we will work through a selected few on this planet to establish a system, a grid that is in support of this evolution. A consciousness grid of channels that are continuously connected to us. 

To us and others. 

Those that are sensitive will feel and hear and communicate with many spirits. And it will be not a fixed relationship but rather an assisting relationship to certain beings in their evolution. 

Question #2:
Can you elaborate on who you are? 

We are a collective of highly intelligent existence, far away and beyond your imagination. There are many layers of existence in between that we operate with. You refer to some of those as angels or gods, spirits. Whichever name you prefer to use, is yours to be chosen. We operate from those frequencies and with people of selection and choice on specific matters, that are important to humanity. 

Question #3:
How would you describe this birthing of a new planet, a new earth to people of around the brink of awakening right now. How would you describe what is getting ready to take place?

The evolution of mankind is an important aspect that we are supporting. The birthing process is not going to be easy, as you call it. Birthing process. In some ways you are already born. You are just on the evolutionary step. It’s a next stage, so to say. The current stage, that you are in, the environments that you have created for yourselves will not be relevant and won’t be the right ones to support you going forward. Yet there is a strong identification with that spaces and those paradigms and those realities. You see, letting go of those will cause suffering for some.

Some are willing to die for it and that’s okay. Everyone returns to the one single source of all eventually. So, from our perspective an evolutionary step if there is enough, a critical mass that we can get to this higher vibration that we are trying to achieve with your consciousness. And you will be able to catch that wave. And it will be as a result, as a side effect, very good for your environment. The space, the planet, everything that lives here with you alongside. There will be other side effects that are not in the current state of reality and understanding, that you have. So we will leave it at that, that it is worthwhile trying to catch that wave, that humanity has tried before. But not was able to. 

Question #4:
This birthing of another earth. Is it actually a birthing… Is it creating another dimension, another timeline?

Your questions carry a scientific nature. If you are trying to understand what will happen scientifically, you will have to match the science of what is happening behind in order to have a conversation with us about it. If your concern is a different one, for example, you are curious what is going to happen to those that are not going to catch the wave, we can talk about that in a separate question. The earth will continue to exist in the way you perceive it. That’s the way it has been and that’s the way it will be. Your perception and your experience including the ones that are born into this space needs to remain intact. If you have an understanding of what is happening behind, in what way does that help the experience? You see, not always you need to understand what is happening behind the scenes as long as the experience is worthwhile and perfect the way it is meant to be. 

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