Private Healing & Channeling Session – July 6th 2017

Private Healing & Channeling Session – July 6th 2017

Question #1:
I want to know what comes from my mind, what comes from my heart and soul. And what`s right to do for me. I don`t know what`s the difference between my mind and my heart.

Humans are so captivated by making the right choice versus the wrong choice. Which are mere judgments that you have just recently created anyways. You are your strongest critic. Maybe there is no right choice as long as you keep yourself safe and fed. Maybe all choices lead to experience and knowledge. It is not about the right choice but rather the right perspective. 

Question #2:
So my happiness comes from there as well?

If you’re referring to happiness as fulfillment, yes. It will come from perspective change first and foremost. Deep fulfillment will come from spiritual depth. Of connecting your soul deeper and deeper with its creator.

Question #3:
Why did I have to go through so much pain? Why is that some people have to go through that? Did I do something to deserve it? Or was I meant to go through it for a reason? Why does it happen to some people and not to others?

In your case, you have chosen specifically what kind of pain to go through, before you arrived here. It was part of a form of initiation for yourself. You have created the rules for your training. That may not be completely understandable at this moment, but we are confident you will understand when the time is right. 

There are many reasons people go through pain and suffering. Some of which are spiritually induced. They come ahead of time as part of their challenge. As a lesson, as part of the pain and the suffering is learning. One never goes without the other. They`re all tied together in this interplay, in this reality that you have. 

In this form, there are certain rules and a few reasons to be. One of them is to grow and learn as a soul. And utilize this human form experience as a class. So to say. 

Question #4:
Yes, but then are some babies born to with disorders and children go through things that they can’t even understand or learn from? I can understand if and adult goes through then. 

You are looking at it from the perspective of the brain or the mind. Comprehension happens on so many other levels. True learning happens on a soul level, not on a mental level. Therefore it is not a necessity for the brain to be developed to receive the lesson. 

Question #5:
But what about if it leads to death?

Death is just a transition. 

Question #6:
So they were not meant to be here for very long?


Question #7:
Do we choose our bodies?


Question #8:
Something has happened to me in the past, that I don`t know what is it, that created some feelings that I`m carrying with me. And I want to know what`s that? This restless feeling that I am carrying with me.

You have come here to learn. That is the underlying premise of your existence. Now, you will go through experiences in your life, that will shape you and form you to the person that you are in the present moment. Some of these experiences have a tendency to dwell and overstay. The purpose for learning, that is what creates disease or ways of openings for other energies. 

The way you have chosen to carry some of these memories with you continuously to this present moment is because you have not fully understood the lessons of those memories. Now, some of those may be conscious and some will not be and there are ways for you to process these in different methods. Yet all of these matters of the past, that are required to be learned and turned into lessons and wisdom shall remain with you until you do so. That is the promise that you made to yourself. And that is part of the human existence. 

Memories will not make you suffer. Suffering is a decision, it`s a choice that happens internally. Pain is inevitable in the human form. In your case you have to let go of the fact that pain occurred at some point in the past. And you have to move on to the part where you will be learning from that pain. You have a tendency to dwell in the pain and make it mean many things. That is suffering. You can have it, as long as you want to. But it will not satisfy you in the long run.

Question #9:
Is there anything really extreme happened in my childhood, that I don`t remember?

Your childhood was as expected. Yet the experiences shape who you are. Some souls will carry learnings that need to occur from previous incarnations into this one, which is the case for you. It is pain from a previous incarnation, that has not resolved properly.

Question #10:
How do I resolve it when I don´t even know what it is?

Knowing is not a prerequisite for healing. Healing happens in so many ways that are beyond the mind. Sometimes the healing that needs to happen is on a heart level. And the correlation with this lifetime is what will feed the healing of many lifetimes before. So the incarnation will re-create situations for you to resolve that situation which has created the memory in the first place. The memory itself is not relevant. What is relevant is how your soul decides to learn through any present moment, that is occurring. And if it is improving in its mechanism to learn. Now this answer may not satisfy you, because you’re trying to understand it. Healing happens without understanding. Especially when it is that type of healing that goes beyond comprehension. It goes beyond your current paradigms of understanding the human form. Now, that does not mean you are completely left to yourself with this. In fact, you just received an incredibly powerful healing, which is only available to few on this planet. Maybe there are other forces looking out for you. Start believing that you are taken care of. Stop believing that you are the victim. Your life will flourish. 

Question #11:
Are we in each other’s life for a reason?

That is part of the human experience. To your question earlier: Some are meant to be in your life for a specific lesson and learning. And this has been agreed upon with them. So it is a contract, an agreement that was made before you both decided to incarnate in this form. There is a learning that will result from that contract. Will it include pain? Maybe. Is this a small price to pay for the learning of the soul? Yes. You asked earlier. Some people will be in your life that are not meant to be in your life. And that’s okay as well because ultimately this life is not fully planned out. There are many gaps to fill. And many potentials for surprises and turns and twists, so that your soul will never get bored. It’s an experience. You see. At the end of the experience, you look back. And you smile. The smile of your soul, thanking for this lifetime with all its pain, with all its sorrows an all its happy moments. Everything in its complete form – perfect, a gift, an opportunity. Release yourself from any hard feelings that you are holding in the present moment. Find ways to reset yourself on a regular basis. Do not succumb to yourself, succumb yourself to methods of escaping your pain. You know which methods we`re referring to.

Question #12:
Do you know our future?

Part of it is clear. Part of this not defined, but probable. And part of it is undefined. 

Question #13:
Can we ask you?

You can ask. We will choose to answer.

Question #14:
I want to know, like where I am going to be in ten years’ time. And do I have a family for myself? Am I with someone who I love? Am I happy? Am I in a good place?

You are seeking comfort for your current situation in life, by means of external knowledge. You are seeking comfort of the future in order to de-justify your present moment. But when the moment is not right and the circumstances don’t feel correct in the depths of your soul and heart, you are the one and the only one that can make the decision to continue or not. And the future revelations are not relevant for the source of your question. 

Question #15:
I want to know what kind of decisions I´m going to make.

Well, that would negate the fact that you have free choice in your decisions. And that all of your decisions already have been made. So the decisions have not all been made yet. Therefore there’s free will and free choice. Certain things are quite likely to happen. But then again, the full capacity of potential changes in the world may even impact those that are likely to happen in your future. So, it is more form of prediction based on the past and based on what your soul is seeking to achieve in this lifetime. We can see where it wants to go and some of the decisions it will most likely make.

Question #16:
How do we know who in our lives are bad for us? All that are bad for us?

You`re seeking certainty. You will not find it in this human form. Relationships carry the full bandwidth of experiences and emotions. Some of which will feel good in the moment. Some of which will not. There is no certainty. The only certainty you have is in the moment of experience. Your experience. To your question: Certain people in your lives will have an influence on your direction of your soul. Some of those may seem that they are equal “bad influence” or influence that you may judge. Yet there is a likelihood that those relationships are in place to test and train you to your full extent. And they`re part of your gift. Part of the gift for your life. Even though you may not perceive it this way in the current moment. Why would we want obstacles and challenges and pain in our lives? The answer goes back to part of it is experience, learning, growth. Part of it is training to really see where your desires are, where you want to go and how you will get there. See. It`s all part of the mystery of human experience. This is not a fixed play. That would contradict the definition of free choice.

Question #17:
What am I meant to do with all these learnings?

Your question refers to your mental understanding of those learnings. When we talk about learning, we refer to knowing for the soul. The way these experiences are integrated into the soul goes beyond your comprehension to the mind. And is a part of the growth of a  consciousness. It`s your part in the evolution of the grand consciousness. There are elements though of learnings that you can immediately apply to your life. That you can provide to others for learning as well. So not all of learning is on a so consciousness level. Some of it is immediate and applicable to your present moment. 

Question #18:
Were you in a human body before?

If you referring to if I have incarnated and lived a full human life. The answer is yes, I have. Many times.

(Referring to the temporary presence in the body of the host) This is what we call transference. There is no necessity for us after a certain period to come into a full incarnation. It defeats the purpose of us being in full-service. We can do so much more from where we are.

The downside of using this method of being in a human body is that the connection needs to be established and be strong. For my consciousness to be here at the same time, not be part of the human being. So when that connection or channel drops, then my existence, temporary existence in this body, drops as well. So, what you`re seeing currently is the result of a direct connection. And that is continuously held throughout this session. Who are we? We are beings from far-away, that have lived for a very long time. Collected knowledge and wisdom about humanity, about many other lifeforms including ourselves. We exist in a different reality than your perception of the three-dimensional and time. We perceive time very differently. And we are not bound to physical reality either. Though we choose to create physical elements of our reality. But we know that the consciousness is beyond the material existence. So the elaborate question, as you can see, who are we. If you would like to know specifics, we will consider answering it.

Question #21:
What`s your last name? Do you have one? Or have you had one? And would we recognize it?

Emanuel is my reference for you in this form. We don’t go by names the way you do. We have identities, that are nameless, but clear. We don’t have last names because we know all those that exist at any given point. We don’t perish to exist, so our reality and our reference to each individual consciousness is therefore slightly different than your reference to other human beings.

Question #22:
I feel good when I help people and I give. That does mean I`ll be happier when my soul is free and is helping people?

Service to others is a beautiful act when it’s done selflessly and when it’s done from a place of completeness. You cannot sustainably, really be in service if you have not done your work. Yet some will act, so to say in service, in order to learn their own lessons. So it is part of their growth period. 

Question #23:
Yes. What if my soul goes out of my body? And it`s free, then it can do anything?

Death is a transition. And your soul will be based on that current moment of your soul will decide what to do next. Some may have continuous incarnations, some may choose to take a break of integration. Some may choose not to incarnate at all. But the true purposes of your soul, of your consciousness, is truly to evolve. The sole purpose of your consciousness is its own evolution. That`s all it was.

Question #24:
When a soul chooses its body, does it know how long it`s going to live for in that body? Or can it now foresee the future like that?

There is many factors that decide if a human being live to its expectancy. The soul comes in with a high-level understanding of which learnings to take from this lifetime. There is no specificity about the length of a lifetime.

Question #25:
Why do some souls decide to leave their body, means the human being and their life themselves and why some don`t?

There is many factors that lead to a human being deciding to end its own life prematurely. It is not done by design. The result is often a return to incarnation after it has come through form of reset and cleansing of the trauma that has caused in the first place. The soul will learn from that experience and everything that led up to it. And will apply some of that into the grander consciousness of humanity. Now the contract and the reason it may decide to come back into human form maybe very different than first one, before. Or maybe very similar. It`s a broad question and an elaborate answer. 

Question #26:
I want to know. Did you know us before you came today?

Yes, we know all the people and relationships of the people that we work through. In this case the man, that is sitting before you. We are familiar with this history to all of details.

Question #27:
But by you being in his body and knowing about our future and our past, does that mean he knows now?

No, that does not mean that. The knowledge that he gets to see and feel and hear and sense is only what we release in that given moment. What we see, perceive as relevant to the healing growth or the forward movement of humanity. 

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