Private Channeling – July 31st 2017 (Frankfurt)

Private Channeling – July 31st 2017 (Frankfurt)

Question #1:
What is my purpose when going into service for humanity?

Normal human life is beautiful and full of experiences. Yet, some of you return for a bigger purpose. Until it’s time for you to come to the realization, we don’t intervene. 

Service, service – the one and only thing that remains after you strip everything of human existence is the love of creation. The one and only energy that keeps you and everything that lives, alive. The light of the one source of creation. So here you are. Here I am. From the same source. Yet, you see, when you understand that, everything else becomes obsolete.  It is almost like the single most important realization. The single most important learning that you could receive as a human being. Everything else revolves around it. Love, relationships, unity, hope, despair, wars and life. Everything revolves around that one truth: The realization we all come from the one source. So, you as a soul that has ripened, how would you see, can you serve humanity to see more, to understand better, to act accordingly? Loving from that one source, truly unconditionally. Maybe there is a way for you to teach them. To teach them to see, to teach them to feel. And to teach them to understand that we are all one. And we shall return to the same place eventually. How you choose to do remains to your full discretion. Even if you choose to serve in this lifetime or not, remains to your full discretion. We see and we support the ones that have chosen to live the life of service, of a higher purpose, of a higher truth, for a greater good. The evolution of mankind, as we see it. 

After short disconnection, a differently named entity continued to answer.

Question #2:
What can I do for my brother?

The love that does not want anything in return, the love that does not even want results. That means giving without expecting any result of change. That is giving from a very higher source. Only then you can truly influence his soul. 

We believe that it is the only true way of influencing another human being. From that source that they have forgotten to fell. You’re reflecting to them what they already have inside. So that they can remember. So, as you walk in human body, be good reminders to other human beings. Reminders off that light that you carry, of that gift that you have received here today. Of knowing, of realizing, that light is within you. Living life will never be the same again. And you want to carry that light continuously, not just for your loved ones, but for all that you touch and all that you see. 

Question #3:
Can you help me understand the meaning of depression in my life?

All darkness, all grey, all light comes with purpose. The purpose of all is the evolution of consciousness.  You are part of this eternal evolution, therefore darkness and light plays within you. You gain experience and knowledge and wisdom. And that feeds back into the evolution of consciousness. All light and dark serves the same purpose. There is no need to fully understand the details of it. There`s no need to put as much meaning to it as you would like to. Everything serves the one thing. The evolution of consciousness. This may be a very high-level answer to your very, rather specific question. We recommended sometimes to just move on and let go. Even let go of the meaning of the past, so you can truly be free in the future. This may not make sense right now but will, soon. Thank you.

Question #4:
What do I need to learn in order to bring to live things that I have in mind, visions that I have?

The only thing that you can truly give to the world is the light that you have found inside. That’s the only thing that will truly make you happy, if you can share that light. That does not require vision or will power. It’s just living. Living the truth inside of you. Channeling that light inside of you for the things that you care for. The world will reward that. The world will reward that. Remember. If you can bring that light inside of you to the outside, in which way or form is up to you. And that’s where human existence can be fully creative. And how that light inside comes outside to share only if you have enough of it inside already. 

Question #5:
How can I live up to my full potential?

You are always your full potential, all the time. There’s nothing to achieve, there’s nothing to strive for. You are and have been created as whole. Remember that. What you`re going for is something different than your full potential. You’re going for an evolution as consciousness, an awakening, something grander. But it’s to be perceived as an evolution rather than a deficiency. Do you understand the difference? You are complete in every sense. It is optional to evolve. The ones, that realize that evolution is happening right now, will get to evolve faster and quicker. You`re already on that track, so are the men next to you. You will see others that are also on that same track. You will recognize them and they will recognize you. That will be your connection point with people that are also on the same track. Evolution of consciousness in human form. Ultimately that is where all the potential of humanity lies. 

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