Asil’s message for 2023

We are inspired by your journey to spark conscious evolution!

While you may have chosen a path of self-realization for your own personal reasons, your conscious choice to walk this path is making a difference in all of those around you – including us!  Thank you for sending out the ripples of conscious evolution and for the role you play in supporting deeper levels of growth and transformation for us all. 

We are tremendously grateful for your energetic support for our organization and your financial support as we continue to strive towards our vision – to catalyze the transformation of human consciousness by empowering individuals to embody their highest and most aligned self. Generosity of spirit and of resources allow us to continue to provide transformational experiences with no financial barriers. This year, your financial gift will be matched by a generous donor up to $100,000, making your gift twice as impactful!

Because of your generosity last year we were able to reimagine a new way forward for our organization, setting the groundwork for larger-scale accessibility worldwide.

Pillars of Light Program

We transformed our Pillars of Light courses from fee-based to donation-based creating precious opportunities for anyone called to this work to focus on their self-realization journeys. People who benefitted from this change in financial model, reported the following in August 2022: 

  • Becoming more conscious of patterns, belief systems and world views​
  • Increased capacity to observe triggers/emotional responses and change personal routines, and habits. ​
  • Greater awareness of one’s own consciousness and its connection to human consciousness, higher (celestial) consciousness and Earth consciousness. ​
  • An increased capacity to serve the evolution of human consciousness ​
  • Feeling more internally resourced to face challenges and realign. ​
  • Engagement or increased  engagement in serving the transformation of humanity. ​

This year we also held our first Pillars of Light in Service workshops, “Elevate” and “Level Up” to bring those initiated in our Summit course together and support the spark of the power they hold within. 

Support us to continue sparking a conscious evolution through the Pillars of Light program. 

Wisdom Share Program 

In 2022,  we continued our monthly, free live streams delivering the opportunity for people to connect to their own consciousness and the wisdom and energy of higher realms. Throughout the year, participants expressed a strong agreement that they experienced a positive emotional, mental and energetic/spiritual impact as a result. They commonly reported feelings of expansion and relaxation and a sense of heart-opening. 

Our LATAM team in Guatemala has been working diligently for over two years to translate all of the words of wisdom into Spanish to open the door to the Spanish-speaking world. We are thrilled to share that the book, Transmission is now available in Spanish, with the audiobook close to release. We also launched our Spanish website with all the publicly available transcripts in Spanish and social media channels dedicated to a Spanish-speaking audience. Further, in 2022 we laid the groundwork to launch all our introductory courses, Pillars of Light courses and Saturday transmissions in Spanish. 

Recognizing our community’s desire to gather, connect, meditate and share collective intention with the world, we held our first-ever annual gathering called “Level Up.”  This powerful event included both in-person and virtual components – a worldwide presence coming together as a beacon of light for humanity. Many of you contributed generously to ensure everyone in our community had an opportunity to experience this weekend. 

Join us in the expansion and growth of the Wisdom Share program. 

Sacred Earth Program 

In 2022 we opened up the first advanced courses for the Sacred Earth Practitioner Series and we offered it on a donation basis. We also completed a month-long grid-alignment trip throughout 42 sacred sites in Greece. The shared vision to bring greater harmony and alignment to the planet and humanity’s relationship to this Sacred Earth really started to take shape!

Join us in the continued effort to spark conscious evolution. That act of paying-it-forward is an act of love and service. Your contribution supports this organization’s continued contribution to people and to the planet. 

Thank you for being an awakened presence and for contributing your energy, in all its forms, to the growth of this collective and the sparking of the consciousness evolution of humanity.

We are grateful to be on this journey with you,

The Ascension One Collective Team

Quotes from Emmanuel

Your considerations to bring this work forward so that it might have the biggest impact on individuals and humanity itself is acknowledged and appreciated. […] We have aligned on our end to be ready to multiply the efforts; to direct energy, resources and consciousness themes towards this opening. Your part is equally important.

Your perception often is the limitation. Funds carry different meaning and different value for every individual, and while you never can truly understand every individual’s perspective on the money and the energy that they own, what you can understand is their level of surrender.

Make a Gift Today

Thanks to a new donor who has pledged to match up to $100k , your contribution will be 2x as impactful! Help us bring this work to more people and places around the globe in the new year!

Your donation, imbued with your love and your vision of an awakened humanity, will have a profound impact in bringing this work into the world. Your donation will allow us to continue to make an impact in expanding our support of our community’s continuous growth process.

Thank you for contributing your energy, in all its forms, to the growth of this collective and the awakening of humanity.

We are grateful to be on this journey with you!