Identify and shift energetic blocks, align to your higher self, and start consciously creating the life you know is possible.

This life-changing spiritual and energetic training course is proven to support your self-realization journey.

Are you ready to become the most aligned version of yourself?

Foundations is Open for Pre-Enrollment!

Foundations is the first of our advanced level training courses and a catalyst for transformation and the awakening of your being.

At the culmination of this month-long training you will establish a new energetic foundation to support a greater alignment of your being, expansion of consciousness and presence in the world.


A Pathway to Your Highest Potential

Join hundreds of others who are committed to their awakening and self-realization as we embark on a journey of transformation by establishing entirely new energetic foundations for our lives.

Together we will transform through powerful channeled transmissions, energetic adjustments, expansive meditations, reflective exercises, explorations, discussions, and group practices.

Foundations is more than a course or training, it’s a life-transforming and educational experience. It’s the doorway to discovering the very potential of your existence.

In Foundations you can expect to:

  • Deepen your intuition, healing, and guidance.
  • Discover more resilience in the face of challenges.
  • Dismantle limiting beliefs and mental constructs.
  • Come into a greater state of well-being and self-awareness.


“Ascension One offers an opportunity to receive alignments that will enhance your life in every way; alignments that help you to be more of who you truly are.”
Course Participant
“In my journey with Ascension One I find everything falls perfectly, harmoniously in place. I have been able to re-transmit peace and harmony to the troubled hearts of several people I work with ...”
Course Participant

“Those that listen to the awakening call, to the call within, are the first ones to embark on this journey. Those that embark and continue on their self-realization journey will be the ones to assist many others on their journeys. Your transformation is therefore the key to the evolution of all consciousness on this planet.” – Elohim


In this first level, a stronger energetic foundation is developed to allow for the expansion of your consciousness through the following offerings:

  • 4 Daily Energy Alignment Meditations
  • 4 Live Transmissions with Elohim including Energetic Adjustments
  • 4 Group Integration Practices with Asil and George
  • 4 Weekly Journaling Exercises

What else can you expect?

As this process unfolds, and you strengthen your capacity to hold higher frequencies, you deepen your innate connection to higher realms of consciousness as well as our earth.

This process invites in an observation, processing and integration of life experiences and unfolding adjustments that enable a greater alignment within.

From Our Past Foundations Survey

Impacts on the Self:

  • 96% say: This work has deepened my spiritual practice.
  • 94% say: This work has deepened my experience of/connection with the Divine.
  • 94% say: This work has improved my relationship with myself.

Impacts on connection to Earth:

  • 95% say: This course has deepened my connection to the Earth.
  • 94% say: This course has empowered me to know I can make a positive impact on the Earth’s evolution.
  • 96% say: My awareness of Earth and Earth’s consciousness has grown as a result of this course.



“[The course] was a deep dive into the transmission of Asil. It unlocked stuck places in me and allowed them to move again. This happened on physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual-energetic levels. I highly recommend this course for those interested in devoting themselves to the path of becoming a 'Pillar of Light' in the world. It was just what I've been looking for my whole adult life.”
“I absolutely enjoyed [the course] and was extremely pleased to be connected worldwide with like-minded people who care about the planet and consciousness... The course is full of pure love and compassion with an opportunity to grow and heal physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.”
“This course came along at the perfect time for me. I was seeking something to uplevel my connection to source and deepen my awakening process. I got all I was hoping for and so much more. It has made me a more compassionate, patient partner and given me a greater understanding of self.”


  • FREE EVENTS SCHEDULE Fundamentals of Awakening - Free Foundations Events
    • Fri, Feb 24th - Elohim Transmission: Awakening to the Totality of Your Being - 9 am - 10 am Pacific Time
    • Fri, Mar 3rd - Discussion and Practice: Core Principles for Spiritual Development - 9 am - 10 am Pacific Time
    • Fri, Mar 10th - Elohim Transmission: Becoming a Pillar of Light - 9 am - 10 am Pacific Time
    • Sun, Mar 19th - Transmission and Q&A with Emmanuel: Silence, Presence & Alignment - 10 am - 11 am Pacific Time
    • Fri, Mar 24th - Energy Alignment and Foundations Training Course Q&A - 9 am - 10 am Pacific Time
    • Fri, Mar 24th - Last day to pre-enroll
    • Tue, Mar 28th - Last day to enroll (sign up) if approved
    • Thu, Mar 30th - Orientation Call – 9 am - 10:30 am Pacific Time
    • WEEK 1
    • Tue, Apr 4th - Opening Live Transmission – 9 am - 10:30 am Pacific Time
    • Fri, Apr 7th - Exercises, Practices & Discussion - 9 am - 11 am Pacific Time
    • WEEK 2
    • Tue, Apr 11th - Live Transmission – 9 am -10:30 am Pacific Time
    • Fri, Apr 14th - Exercises, Practices & Discussion – 9 am - 11 am Pacific Time
    • WEEK 3
    • Tue, Apr 18th - Live Transmission – 9 am -10:30 am Pacific Time
    • Fri, Apr 21st - Exercises, Practices & Discussion – Friday, April 21, 9 am - 11 am Pacific Time
    • WEEK 4
    • Tue, Apr 25th - Live Transmission – 9 am -10:30 am Pacific Time
    • Fri, Apr 28th - Exercises, Practices, Discussion and closing – 9 am - 11 am Pacific Time

Selection Process

Emmanuel will review all applicants for readiness

Asil will check with Emmanuel on a weekly basis all that have enrolled, and you will be informed via email about your approval status.

Although everyone is destined to awaken to their fullest potential, the timing or energy isn’t always right for everyone who pre-enrolls. For this reason, applicants to the course will be reviewed for approval by our benevolent angelic guide, Emmanuel.

Acting in everyone’s highest interest, Emmanuel will review everyone on the list. When someone receives a “not yet” it is simply a message that the timing or energy is not right for you to participate in this particular course at this time. If for some reason you are not selected by Emmanuel for this course, you will automatically be considered for the next Foundations training course in July. We will provide you with alternative transmissions, practices and energy alignments to continue your practice and growth process.


Foundations pre-enrollment is open to all who feel called to the journey of self-realization, regardless of ability or financial means. As a donation-based offering, we accept any donation amount as an energetic exchange for the perceived value provided.

As this training course is provided on a donation basis, we invite you to be as generous as you are able so that we can continue this mission to support humanity in the most accessible way possible.

Historically the average donation for this training course has been $317, ranging from $0-$555 (USD).

Ascension One Collective, our non-profit organization, expands its ability to support humanity’s evolution through the generosity of its training course participants.

We appreciate your generosity both financially and energetically, so if sharing this work with others feels aligned for you, we thank you for doing so.

A deeper level of presence will be the underlying and most significant way of change for [the participants], a deeper level of self reflection and inquiry, to process all that arises in the moment of the situation or the experience itself, understanding in which ways the past creates the immediate future.

You will also receive:

  • Access to an online platform to share, exchange and connect with others in the course and facilitators
  • Deep transformational experiences through the container established over the 4 weeks
  • Continued energetic support by the guides while being within the course
  • A safe and loving environment to explore the depths of your energy, emotional and mental body.

Frequently Asked Questions

Although everyone is destined to awaken to their fullest potential, the timing or energy isn’t always right for everyone who pre-enrolls. For this reason, applicants to the course will be reviewed for approval by our benevolent angelic guide, Emmanuel. Acting in everyone’s highest interest, Emmanuel will review everyone on the list. When someone receives a “not yet” it is simply a message that the timing or energy is not right for you to participate in this particular course at this time. If this happens to you, we will direct you towards the most supportive offering and help guide you to preparedness for the pathway. 

Our programs are structured to be transformational, not just educational. It doesn’t matter where you are starting from, everyone has a higher self and a deeper level of presence waiting to emerge.

We all have our own energy channels. We all have innate channels that are either active in some capacity or lying dormant. These channels can be activated. 

As a result of modern times, and the resulting separation, most of us have forgotten these inherent designs within us all.

Many of us are still hearing the call within. The angelic guides we work with support us at this time in our evolution towards remembering and activating our energetic blueprints.

As the energy moves through you during the course and throughout your journey on the pathway, a variety of experiences are possible. People report deep levels of presence, increased awareness of emotional and mental patterns, heightened intuition and sensitivity to energies, increased vitality and heart opening, as well as sensations of discomfort as misalignments within one’s being or in relationship to others is brought to the surface. The process of alignment is different for everyone but energy is always benevolent and is directing you towards a greater version of yourself. We will be there to support you throughout the course.

The guides have given us specific meditations, specific practices, specific energetic transmissions and have designed these programs as one-month long intensives to take you into a deeper alignment.

These intensives offer “infusions” of energy, quickening each person’s evolution. This would happen organically otherwise, but this program truly accelerates your transformation.

To be able to tap into higher frequencies, your vessel has to be prepared. Throughout the course and the pathway of your choosing, your vessel will be trained to contain an increased flow of energy as well as to reach higher frequency levels. Initially participants need someone like Asil to be a bridge to tap them into it. Once initiated (after Level 3), you will do it yourself as your own bridge to the energy. 

In the Pillars of Light and Sacred Earth pathways, we will support you in becoming a vessel with increased capacity, with greater alignment, and awareness, to be able to receive and transmit higher frequency energies, while embodying your higher self and a greater level of presence. 

The greater your alignment is, the higher the frequency you can connect with, hold and transmit, and the greater the potential you hold as a human being.

A transmission is a transfer of energy from a higher realm of consciousness to a recipient. This energy is believed to contain specific frequencies, information, and spoken words of wisdom, as well as alignments and adjustments to the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual-energetic constructs of the recipient. The energy being transmitted is called the love of creation, also known as the universal life force or universal love. This energy pervades the universe and all of existence, and we are all made up of and innately connected to it. We all have the ability to receive, embody and transmit this energy. 

The person transmitting the energy, in this case Asil, is gifted with the capacity to receive and transmit frequencies and spoken words from higher planes of consciousness. The transmission can bring about feelings of deeper love and heart opening, states of expansion, relaxation, and greater trust in life. These adjustments that are done are unique to each individual participant and are independent of location and time. 

Transmissions can also clear and purify existing and unnecessary constructs or blocks that exist within you as misalignments – these could be mental, emotional, physical as well as expressed on the energetic level of your being. Simply by opening yourself to receive the energy and the accompanying adjustments offered with each transmission, you will begin to clear these blockages, realigning your being. As you come into greater levels of alignment, you are able to process unhealed, incomplete and misaligned aspects of your past, opening you to receive higher frequencies of energy to support your transformation and your integration process of the past.

To receive the energy, one only needs to set the intention to receive, relax and open to the energy. You can do this seated or lying down, whatever is most comfortable to you. The way in which you experience the energy and the adjustments made to your being during the transmission are specific and personalized to you.

Ultimately, the only way to truly understand the concept of a transmission is by experiencing it yourself. We invite you to participate in one of our transmissions and discover the benefits first hand.

Ascension One is designing a schedule that will allow for those who want to complete the path simultaneously to do so by ensuring there are no scheduling conflicts. Simultaneous completion of both tracks will be possible!

Yes! In fact, the entirety of the course can be taken by utilizing our recordings.  Replays are posted following all live events to accommodate those who aren’t able to attend live and also for your review.

Transmission replays are equally as potent as live transmissions. Because these events take place outside of space and time, a container is created for anyone tuning in, independent of time or space.

We are accepting and inviting of all religious beliefs and spiritual practices. Our offering is for anyone and everyone who feels called. All are welcome.

During the course, we do have recommendations for limiting other energetic practices so as not to interrupt or interfere with your process in the duration of the course. Upon completion of the course this work has shown to be complimentary to and elevating other spiritual practices. If you have any questions or concerns about this, we are more than happy to support you.


Read Emmanuel’s channeled transmission on the Foundation Level course:

Individuals with dedication and devoted time for the advancement of their own development, to serve a greater good within humanity’s evolution is an important purpose of this vessel and host [Asil].

The work that we [as the Channel] provide will be accelerated and accentuated by individuals who are willing to receive [and] individuals who are ready to serve. First, it will show as the expansion of their own gifts. Second, they will have a stronger connection to what you call the “channel.” This stronger connection will allow us to make adjustments, if authorized, and when the participant is ready. These adjustments will allow the participant to receive even higher capacity Transmissions, a clear wisdom and delivery of energy that will increase the frequency of their messages, of their gifts, and of the work that they deliver to others, in whatever format it will come through them.

Understand that this may not be a linear undertaking, as every individual is at a different state of their being, a different state of their development. Everyone will receive the work in slightly different ways, yet they will continue to develop over time.

[We ask that those interested] make the proclamation that they’re willing and ready to receive, [and] for them to be ready for the level of intensity that will be delivered as well as the changes that will arrive in their lives. These individuals might not like some of the changes that will arrive in their lives — existing constructs that keep them where they are will be restructured and sometimes newly established.

That may mean that their gifts for a period of time might cease to operate, as they were built on foundations that could not grow further. Our work will not diminish the existing gifts, yet temporarily pause what they have achieved in order to build an entire new foundation upon which the gifts will resurface, often with new gifts alongside. The delivery will be similar to the way you have experienced it in sessions with a limited number of individuals. [The participants] that receive this work must be ready, willing, and open to change, accelerated change. Throughout this accelerated change, [the Ascension One Team] must be present and provide human as well as energetic support.


The individuals that will receive this work will become pillars of light themselves. Some of [the participants] will impact important individuals in smaller numbers. Some of [the participants] will impact thousands or millions of people. Therefore, carry it with that level of reverence. This work will make a difference in those individuals [the participants], and will make a difference in humanity.

We [as the Channel] will deliver meditations for various different levels of readiness, and various levels of presence. Additionally, we may deliver instructions on the most significant practice necessary at this point for the group of individuals in front of us. The work will continue, and orders of supervision will allow our interventions to be delivered over this period of time, continuously, without any direct input from you or this host. No other additional tools or meditations will be necessary.

Four deliveries over the period of four weeks will be sufficient. In between, the recorded meditations and the work that we [as the Channel] will do without this host [Asil] will deliver the impact necessary for the transformation of [the participants]. A deeper level of presence will be the underlying and most significant way of change for [the participants], a deeper level of self reflection and inquiry, to process all that arises in the moment of the situation or the experience itself, understanding in which ways the past creates the immediate future. This will become a tool for manifesting many possibilities and many probabilities for occurrence of experiences in the future.

Practices to enhance the energetic capacity of [the participants], breathing, as well as meditations while sitting or while lying, practices before going to sleep, and practices when waking, additional recommendations, the dietary constraints as well as [physical] exercises can be made to optimize for this development. A daily routine is an important aspect, to provide the right structures for the process to complete in its best possible way.

Normally [the participants] would naturally go through these processes. Yet, in a guided environment, the probability of coming to the results necessary is much higher through guidance by another individual [e.g. the Ascension One Team].

Thank you for receiving this message, and for providing the work necessary for the evolution of mankind.


Your Hosts

Asil receives and transmits transformational energy and spoken wisdom from higher and non-dual sources of consciousness. This benevolent energy and wisdom is an unconditional gift intended to support humanity’s evolution.

Like many initiates drawn to the spiritual path, Asil’s journey began with the realization that the life he was living lacked meaning and purpose. Although he had reached a high level of professional success, he found himself unsatisfied and depressed. He began to question the meaning of life and existence, which spurred his journey of spiritual discovery.

After nearly two decades of spiritual dedication, seven years ago his connection to higher forms of consciousness opened. Through this connection he found a deeper sense of self which led to the inner peace and fulfillment he always felt was possible. He has continued to personally transform, heal, and move into greater alignment. The natural extension of this state of being became his service to humanity.



George Stanboulieh is a conduit of transformation of consciousness for spiritual wisdom, awakening and mastery for the ones ready to embrace their journey to higher consciousness and be a channel of the divine in their life.

With a greater love for humanity, George has been committed to his spiritual path with over 20 years of experience and training in a variety of energy and holistic modalities in wellbeing, healing, yoga, meditation, spiritual guidance and metaphysics. He is also a scholar with extensive knowledge in the fields of quantum physics, nutrition and information technology, leading to a unique passion in exploring open-to-channel higher consciousness and attaining self-realization state.

Some of his work includes leading advanced group energy practices, energy alignment sessions, and teaching specific in-depth topics to support and raise pillars of light in their connection, strength and accelerated path to support humanity’s expansion. Unchanged: Some of his work includes leading advanced group energy practices, energy alignment sessions, and teaching specific in-depth topics to support and raise pillars of light in their connection, strength and accelerated path to support humanity’s expansion.

George met Asil in Dubai, in 2017, and started working closely with him and the channel, where he received his first acknowledgement and initiation by the channel to be part of the work as a critical element to humanity’s evolutionary support and to provide this divine light to assist in the evolution of consciousness in this pivotal time.