The guides that support the delivery of energy and wisdom through the Ascension One Collective paths have developed two distinct – yet compatible and complementary – training programs to accelerate your alignment, evolution, and awakening, as well as open you to your own gifts and deeper levels of service.

Pillars of Light Path

The Pillars of Light Courses are designed for those who would like to accelerate their own growth, evolution, and awakening, as well as bring forth their deeper gifts and capacities, and ultimately become initiated to bring the energy of the guides and the “love of creation” to people and situations as they see fit.

The growing global community of those initiated as “Pillars of Light in Service” is an extraordinary cohort of people from all walks of life who have dedicated themselves to service, healing, alignment, and the awakening of humanity.

Sacred Earth Practitioners Path

The Sacred Earth Practitioner Training is designed for those who would like to play a role in helping to attune to, balance, and activate Earth’s energetic grid. The guides share that this critical service will make a profound difference in the way that energy flows throughout Earth’s grid, enabling an accelerated awakening and transformation of humanity.


Pillars Of Light – Activation Level

The Pillars of Light Courses begin with the introductory course called “Pillar of Light: Activation”, formerly known as “Becoming a Pillar of Light”. This course is designed as a preparatory introduction to the path of the Pillar of Light.

Sacred Earth Practitioners – Activation Level

The Sacred Earth Practitioner Training begins with the introductory course called “Sacred Earth: Activation”. This course is designed as a preparatory introduction to the path of the Sacred Earth Practitioner.


Pillars Of Light + Sacred Earth Practitioners – Foundation Level

The Ascension One Collective Foundations Course, “Foundations” is the combined critical step for all higher level courses. . Foundations is the in-depth first step to the higher level “Pillar of Light Courses,” as well as the “Sacred Earth Trainings.”

Foundations is the place for participants who want to establish their own individual connection to the guides and a deeper connection to the energies of this Earth. This course is for those who are willing and ready to dedicate and devote time for the advancement of their own development, as well as to prepare for the level of intensity and accelerated changes that come with this work. For this reason, applicants to the course will be reviewed for approval by our celestial guide, Emmanuel. The approval process will result in a “yes”, and will admit you to the Foundations course, or a “no”, which will indicate that this is not the right timing for you as other potential processes in your life shall be honored first.

Foundations is a course that is shared by both the Pillars of Light Courses, as well as the Sacred Earth Practitioner Training.

The work that you have done to be in this very place that you are has been beneficial to your growth and to your current level of presence. Gifts have developed through you, and will continue to develop. You have applied these gifts according to your level of consciousness and capability, yet an even more powerful and effective path must be taken so that your energy, your life, and the mission that you’re on can fully express itself in this incarnation of yours. This work is for you. It is to provide you with everything that you require to set and create the foundations necessary to become a pillar of light, to become a vessel of the divine.

My invitation to you is to consider wisely if you are ready. The changes that will arrive in your life will be significant — changes of your entire being, the way you observe the world, the way you receive the gifts, the way you deliver and apply your gifts, the way the world will perceive you — all of these aspects, deemed to change. We are ready to provide you with all that we can to serve you, so that through you, the gifts of the divine can serve humanity.


Pillars of Light – Evolution Level

After Foundations, you may choose to continue the Pillar of Light series, with Pillar of Light, Level 2: Evolution (formerly known as “Ascent”), followed by Pillar of Light, Level 3: Initiation (formerly known as “Summit”). Upon successful completion of the Pillar of Light series, you will be formally initiated by the guides as a “Pillar of Light in Service.”

Level III is the culmination of this first stage of a Pillar of Light to be initiated into service. This first stage will bring the individual to a place of stability and capacity, to a place of presence that is required to be in true service, a continued and determined connection to this opening and to our support so that our gift to humanity can flow through individuals that complete this process.

This work may be applied through their own methods, through their own expressions, through their own ways of delivery and application, or may be delivered through silence, through presence, and through sheer being.

It is an augmentation of their being; it is an authorization to deliver this energy, deliver these adjustments, deliver this wisdom unto others that have chosen to receive. It is an initiation to become a Pillar of Light In Service, a pillar of light for humanity’s Ascension process.

Sacred Earth Practitioners – Evolution Level

Additionally, after Foundations, you may also choose to continue the Sacred Earth training series, with Sacred Earth, Level 2: Evolution, followed by Sacred Earth, Level 3: Initiation. Upon successful completion of the Sacred Earth training series, you will be formally initiated by the guides as a Sacred Earth Practitioner. 

The entire globe of this Earth will require many individuals to be guardians, supporters, and transmitters.



The current timeline of humanity’s evolution requires the full capacity of this energetic network of this planet and of this plane to be fully operational, to be operational at its highest capacity to allow the flow of energy, information, of love, and the correlating life-force to move equally and powerfully. 



Level 3 of this training “will include the initiation of individuals to become intrinsically connected and intrinsically tied, associated, with specific sites — a bond that can be established and a bond that can be reverted. The experience within this bond, the ownership, the stewardship, the guardianship within this bond, receiving and transmitting with and from the site. 


The impact of any individual’s service in the world will then be fueled by the sites that they’re connected to. The energy lines, transmitting a specific frequency that the individual is attuned to, will deliver the support that is required and directly and easily from this plane of existence.


Additionally, individuals will be trained to access higher planes of existence from the places — the sacred sites themselves. These will be door openers, as the potential energy required to reach higher planes will be present at these sacred sites due to the network of energy established. Individuals will find easier access to higher realms and to higher states of consciousness.