Join us on this magical mission, for a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to accompany Asil on our Sacred Earth Expedition in Greece, along with a core team of experienced facilitators, including Mathilde and George, from Ascension One Collective.

On our Sacred Earth Expeditions, we visit places where humanity and its diverse traditions have built meeting places, temples, sanctuaries, to connect to ancestors, to spirit, to nature, to Earth, the cosmos.

The ancient Greeks had profound spiritual and wisdom traditions, and built some of the most powerful and exquisite temples and sacred sites of any era. We will visit these sites, experience their energies, and help support the transformation of Earth’s grid.

On this eight-day all-inclusive journey, you will be part of an experiential immersion, supporting you in reconnecting to your greatest potential, in community with a group of committed Sacred Earth Practitioners, facilitators, and the divine guides that have guided Asil to these sites.

Watch the video below for a short overview of our Sacred Earth Expedition through the sacred sites and gorgeous landscapes of Turkey.

We look forward to meeting you and sharing this extraordinary journey to the heart of one of the most extraordinary and integrated spiritual, intellectual, and artistic ancient cultures that humanity has ever known.

These unique journeys require preparation, dedication, commitment and resilience from the participants.

DAY 1 – Arriving in Athens
DAY 2 – Athens
DAY 3 – Athens – Cape Sounion
DAY 4 – Delphi
DAY 5 – Corinth – Epidaurus
DAY 6 – Naxos Island
DAY 7 – Naxos Island
DAY 8 – Departure to Athens


If you identify with three or more of the following statements, there is a good chance that this upcoming spiritual tour in Greece is for you!

  • You want to experience the energy of the leylines and sacred sites around the planet Earth, and have been waiting for the right opportunity.
  • You are at a threshold of breaking through new heights of your spiritual path and want a safe space and strong channels to guide you.
  • You believe that this is your birth right to remember your essence in walking on sacred lands and dive into the awakening codes that humanity kept dormant.
  • You know that you have spiritual connections of yours ready to open up for your self-realization journey.
  • You are searching for more spiritual discipline in your life.
  • You are not afraid of new experiences.
  • You are in desire to meet heart-like-minded people and a community support.
  • You want to discover more of your Self.
  • You have joined our work in the past and you know the delivery of our offerings.
  • You are ready for a life-changing travel experience that “money can’t buy”.


What are sacred sites? And what is a Sacred Earth Expedition?

The guides share with us that there is an energetic grid, established long ago to support all beings on Earth.

In places where the energy is the strongest, humanity and its diverse traditions have built meeting places, temples, sanctuaries — and have revered these as sacred places to connect to ancestors, to spirit, to nature, and to Earth and the grid itself.

In earlier times, this invisible energetic grid was maintained by humanity, sometimes in collaboration with benevolent spirit guides. And in turn, these energetic networks helped to maintain harmony and balance, as well as support human evolution.

The guides tell us that humanity’s ability to attune to these energies has weakened, in many cases due to cosmological factors outside our control. The energies and spirits of the land that were once part of our everyday reality are now mostly considered ‘myth,’ ‘superstition,’ or ‘folklore.’

As a result, these grids, many unfinished, have also fallen into disrepair, and the Guides say that it is time for us to begin to attune to and support these important networks yet again to assist our own evolution.


  • All participants will get to join a community of dedicated Sacred Earth Practitioners and build relationships that will last a lifetime.
  • Deep transformational support from Asil, George, Mathilde, and trained facilitators.
  • An immersion into the sacred sites of Greece selected by the guides as part of a the transformation of Earth’s energy grid to support the awakening of humankind
  • Group energy adjustment sessions and daily practices.
  • Daily immersion into the group field to build our collective capacity to support energetic transformation.
  • Each day will deliver profound experiences and spiritual insights.