Ascension One Collective Welcomes the Ascension Pathway Community


Ascension One Collective welcomes George, Mathilde and the Ascension Pathway community. George and Mathilde, founders of Ascension Pathway, recognize the rapid growth of their community members and are rising to meet it by integrating the community into Ascension One Collective.

Ascension One Collective, inspired by angels, archangels and other celestial beings, offers a full spectrum of community discussions, energy transmission sessions, courses and trainings to support the continuous growth process of its community members. It is with great pleasure that we invite Ascension Pathway to join us on this journey.

For Existing Ascension One Collective Members – What To Expect

George and Mathilde bring a wealth of wisdom, knowledge and expertise with them. Overall, they will be working with the core team to enhance Ascension One’s existing programs and offerings. George will be working with our Pillars of Light membership to co-create the practical application of the work in the world and filling in gaps in conceptual understanding of meditation and channeling. Mathilde will be continuing to nurture the Ascension One Collective facilitators and community, and orienting those in the Ascension Pathway community that are unfamiliar with Ascension One Collective.

Our normal public offerings will remain intact and delivered as you have come to expect them.

For Ascension Pathway Members – What To Expect

As new Ascension One Collective members you have a wide variety of ways to engage. Today we offer an online “home” for our community in Mighty Networks. This community is a place for you to share your spiritual journey with other members, read about the journey of others, obtain event details and access courses and trainings. We will invite you to join us in our community on Mighty Networks, and start discovering the new world.

George and Mathilde will be available on Mighty Networks to answer any questions you have about the community integration process.

In the coming weeks, you will start receiving a weekly newsletter from Asil & Ascension One Collective. This provides weekly insight from Asil and the guides, as well as, important upcoming event dates and announcements.


Announcement Discussion & Channeling
Sunday, December 13th, join George, Mathilde and Asil for an intimate discussion about their shared journey until now. They will also answer community questions about the community integration. This discussion will culminate in a live channeling by Asil.

This live discussion can be accessed here on this page, on Crowdcast, the Asil Facebook page or the Ascension Pathway Facebook page. Replays will be available afterwards.

Celestial Convergence Workshop
Monday, December 21st, join George and Asil for a special day-long event to mark 12/21. The Winter Solstice is a day celebrated annually for millennia as the longest night, and the beginning of a new cycle: more light entering our days, a new year entering our lives, and a date for many completions to occur.

In this particular Winter Solstice on December 21st, we will also experience what is called a “Great Conjunction,” or the “Christmas Star,” when Jupiter and Saturn, the two biggest planetary bodies in our solar system, are in alignment. We have created a special day-long event, and this will also mark the first official co-hosted workshop. You can sign up here for this special occasion.

Ascension One Collective Inc. is a US-based, non-profit public charity organization established to support the evolution of consciousness in humanity. Ascension One’s programs focus on the evolution and transformation of individuals, leaders, and sacred sites.

Celestial Conjunction 2021 – Stepping into a New Reality
We have created a special day-long event to mark 12/21, and we invite you to join us. This event will also be marking the addition of George and Mathilde of Ascension Pathways to the Ascension One Collective.