Discovery Series: Aligning Self & Earth

The Guides’ take on each course module of the Discovery Series:

Module 1: Silence, Presence and Alignment

Moments of deep levels of presence are a critical step on the self-realization journey, in the empowerment that you will feel about your existence, the willpower and the intentions that you hold — no longer tied in the contemplations of the past or the future, all brought back to this very moment of presence.

Module 2: The Alignment of the Body

The physical body plays a powerful role in your internal alignment. And your internal alignment is the key to your journey of awakening. Are you willing and ready to see yourself from a higher perspective, to understand — this body, this mind, this heart — are extensions of who you are?

Module 3: The Opening of the Heart

The transformation of humanity begins with you, and the opening of the heart is a key element of this process. Let us support you in the opening of this center of yours, let us touch you so that your heart can open, be fueled by this energy that we bring forth…knowing that you’re supported in the observation and in the realization of the most important lessons of your life.

Module 4: The Awakening of the Mind

This is the awakening of the mind: the shift of perspective, the completion of learnings, a resting in silence of the mind that allows for the mind’s functions to change focus, a focus beyond the operations on this material plane, a focus beyond the observations of the past and the expectations of the future, a focus into the present moment.

Module 5: The Activation of the Energy Body

The needs of the mind, the needs of the heart, the needs of the body, once taken care of, once in alignment, will allow for a blossoming, an expansion of your consciousness beyond the immediate needs in human form.

Module 6: The Self Realization Journey

Let yourself be held, and you will see how you evolve, how you expand, and how you thrive on this journey of self-realization. One step at a time, into the unknown, innately knowing that you are held, supported, and loved in this process of awakening and self-realization; that you are cherished, and that you are supervised and gently moved forward.

Module 7: Discovering Earth as a Conscious Being

The connection to this Earth impacts you physically, emotionally, mentally, as well as energetically. Your well-being depends on this connection. Your ability to receive the pure love, the pure life force of this Earth depends on this connection. You will find greater sensitivities emerging from within yourself, a greater understanding of life, a greater respect, honor, and love for life itself, for this nourishing ground that provides for life, that provides for you.

About Asil & Ascension One 

Asil is an Austrian-born channel. About a decade ago he had a strong experience which opened a connection to high intelligence guides for humanity which Asil embodies and transmits in a trance-like state. Through this opening, these guides deliver both energy and wisdom to support humanity during this potent moment of our evolution. The guides share that their assistance on Earth aims to help humanity and individuals to awaken and self-realize, find the power within ourselves to be, and become our own conscious creators.

Ascension One Collective is the organization that was founded to support the growing work of Asil and the guides that come through this channeled work. It is a US 501(c)(3) headquartered in California.

Its mission is to support the evolution of consciousness in humanity.